Friday Feminist Fuck You: Super Bowl Commercials

Perpetuate this, motherfucker.
Transcript below.

Hello everybody, I would like to give a large Friday Feminist Fuck You to the Super Bowl commercials. As I’m most all of you saw, they were not particularly inspiring this year, in fact most of them played on some pretty ridiculous gender stereotypes and perpetuated a lot of violence and were generally uninteresting.
We’d like to single out three special companies, one of them being Teleflora.
[Teleflora commercial - flowers berating women]
Apparently the Teleflora difference is that you get some emotional abuse with your flowers. Basically humiliating women publicly, playing on really boring old cliches about women and their cats and playing on the idea that women have these really painful relationships with their bodies and that it would be really funny to humiliate them in their places of work about that. So fuck you, Teleflora.
We’d also like to to give a hearty fuck you to Doritos.
[Doritos commercial]
You know, I like my radioactive orange powder cheese chip as much as the next gal, but perpetuating the idea that men are just running around just waiting for women to be publicly stripped to reveal their perfectly coordinated Victoria’s Secret ensembles just so they can indulge some man’s fantasy, just not really appealing to me. And it also just seems to sort of perpetuate this idea that men are walking penises. Which is, you know, slightly reductive – would be slightly upsetting to me if I was a man and is upsetting to me as a woman who cares about men.
And finally, fuck you to Pepsi.
[Pepsi commercial]
Who apparently also think men have not evolved past some sort of cromagnum phase and perpetuates the idea that they’re unable to express emotions and publicly admit any vulnerability. Pretty dumb, pretty uninteresting – doesn’t really make me want to drink Pepsi, I don’t know about you.
Given that these Super Bowl commercials were 3 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime this year I’m shocked and surprised that these companies don’t stretch to be a little more interesting, to try to appeal to a sophisticated contemporary consumer audience. instead they waste their thirty seconds on recycling tired sexist cliches, and to that I say – fuck you.
Have a good weekend.

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