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Cate LaBarre: Life Coaching During Difficult Times

Tweet I recently interviewed Cate LaBarre, a life coach based out of Central New York, on her work — especially during these difficult times. I hope her words are helpful. Here’s Cate… Tweet
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Ask Professor Foxy: Working it out in Florida

TweetWelcome to the first edition of our new series, Ask Professor Foxy. If you have questions, send them to ProfessorFoxyATfeministingDOTcom. Hi Professor Foxy, I’ve been married for about eighteen months now, and my husband and I have yet to have intercourse (there may have been a few times when he got in a quarter of [...]
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Friday Feminist Fuck You: Anti-Choicers Gone Wild!

TweetTranscript after the jump. Links to news stories we mention — and where to take action: North Dakota fetal personhood legislation – Take Action Montana fetal personhood legislation – Take Action Missouri legislation to challenge the (as yet un-passed) Freedom of Choice Act and legislation to create the new crime of “coercing an abortion” – [...]
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The Daily News Hits a New Low

Tweet While we all know the media has been handling this situation disgustingly, I was still pretty stunned to see this Daily News headline. This is not to mention the actual content of the piece is full of victim-blaming banter: [I]nsiders are rumbling that Chris shouldn’t be taking the anger management classes alone. “Rihanna is [...]
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Breaking: Obama to rescind HHS regulation

TweetHallelujah. Remember Bush’s parting gift, the last minute HHS rule that not only allows health care providers to define contraception as abortion, but allows them to deny health care based on their moral or religious reasons? Well, folks are saying that President Obama plans to move to repeal the regulation today. Via AP: The Obama [...]
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