Check out two quick versions of a trailer for this amazing movie my friend Claire told me about.

The website explains it thus:

Pariah is a coming-of-age drama about a lesbian teenager who unsuccessfully juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from her friends and family.
Set against the kinetic and incongruous social landscape of middle class New York City, Alike vacillates between being a proud and sexually independent woman amongst her openly gay friends and being the feminine, obedient girl that her strict Christian upbringing dictates she be.
Torn by mounting pressure from home, school, and within, the line between her dual personas wears thin with explosive consequences.

It doesn’t currently have any theater distribution deals, but you can see it on iTunes and Netflix. The folks behind the film are working on getting funding for a full length feature now, so the more enthusiasm people show for it, the better!

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  • magpie20

    I tried to find it on netflix, no luck? Can you post a link to it?

  • Kensuke Nakamura

    I looked up Pariah on Netflix and the one that comes up sounds like a very different movie.

  • Courtney

    Mmm…maybe that’s not right. Just stick with iTunes I guess.

  • George Kelly

    Not finding it in iTunes. :( *scratches head*

  • Qantaqa

    You can find info and a link to the official site on imdb, but I’m still not sure where you can watch the actual film…

  • PARIAH the movie

    Hi Everyone! My name is Nekisa Cooper and I’m the producer of PARIAH. Thanks so much for your interest and support! Unfortunately, the short is no longer available for purchase on iTunes and Netflix, but we will be releasing it exclusively for educational use this May through New Day Films. Right now we are hard at work on feature version of PARIAH which will be coming to you in 2010. Please visit our website and join our facebook group (Pariah – the movie) for updates. Thanks again for your support!

  • Courtney

    Thanks so much Nekisa! Let us know how we can support you once things are up and running.