Shorter Rush Limbaugh: “Obama sux and Pelosi ugly!”

I am glad that Obama said something about Rush Limbaugh. I know it is usually “classier” to ignore someone as ridiculous as Limbaugh, but as myself and others have reminded readers before, Limbaugh has a pretty serious following and while I am sure a percentage of his listenership is for shits and giggles, I think it is telling that he has so much support. I do believe that he is considered right-wing thought leadership, which I think further highlights the need for the right-wing to reassess what types of thought they support. But I digress, these two gems really take the cake.
The first is that he hopes that Obama fails and secondly, he made the sexist statement that if you want pregnancy rates to go to down to post a picture of Pelosi in your bedroom. His “bully in the schoolyard” speak is not political punditry, it is frat-boy-esque humor and shows that he has no arguments left that actually counter logic. Someone needs to let him know it is the era of the nerd! We prefer evidence and science to prove the things that wing-nuts bullshit and evangelize.

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  • baddesignhurts

    can we stop talking about rush limbaugh? i mean, we don’t feed the trolls here….
    he thrives on this stuff and just tries to shock. he’s boring and not worth anyone’s time.

  • Toni

    That’s it, when I get home I’m writing his name in my Death Note. I know those things don’t really work but I think it will make me feel better.

  • Robert Johnston

    While it might be possible to stop talking about Limbaugh the person, you can’t avoid discussion of Limbaugh the concept in a discussion involving modern American politics. Limbaugh’s brand of thoughtless reactionary contrarianism is endemic to the American right, and he serves as as good a representation of it as any.
    Sure, Limbaugh craves attention, but so do all his ilk. In the end, that’s not enough reason to avoid keeping public tabs on them. Besides, if Limbaugh and his supporters get a rush out of the attention at the same time as we get to show the mushy middle that all the Limbaugh clones who dominate the Republican party are lunatics, that’s a win for the good guys. Who cares if Limbaugh gets a kick out of attention so long as it causes polite society to marginalize him?

  • DeafBrownTrashPunk

    WOW!!!! Rush Limbaugh is one serious ugly mofo. Look at his face, he looks like an egg-head! Somebody needs to call Humpty Dumpty and tell him to sue Limbaugh for stealing his trademark look!!
    I propose that he needs to have a real good dick-punching.

  • penny rose

    I swear, every time I hear Rush speak,or simply read about some poison he is spewing… I feel dirty ,like there’s a film of slime or grease on me. He is so scuzzy, that it permeates right through the computer screen.
    Excuse me, while I go wash that shit off.

  • SociologicalMe

    Thank you for that stunning example of how not to write an intelligent critique.

  • Bekka

    My father worshiped Limbaugh for years. Every day in the car ride home from school that blow hard would be blaring his hate speech all over the waves and my father ate it up.
    What bothered me about the statement “I hope he fails” is the hope part. As a “defender of America”, Limbaugh wants, nay, HOPES Obama will fail. He wants the President to crash and burn miserably. I never HOPED Bush would fail. I always kind of hoped he would see the light and stop fucking up. What does that say about Conservatives? That the conservative spokes-man HOPES his president will fail?
    If Obama should fail. If he should be faced with miles of red tape he’ll never get through. If he everyone who votes for his bills suddenly decides Obama is a jerk and passes nothing, If Obama fails, this country will fail. What will happen to the GOP? Will they have the chance to pick up a few extra seats? Probably. Is that what Limbaugh wants? Definitely. At what cost though?
    Obama wants to try and fix this recession before it becomes a depression. Limbaugh wants him to fail. Obama wants to make it so that everyone has access to Health Insurance so that people like me aren’t in debt before they even get there first credit card (and can’t get one because of the debt). Limbaugh wants him to fail.
    Nancy Pelosi proposes better access to contraception, fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer unwanted children, that equals fewer leeches on the government asking for Food Stamps and Welfare. It makes sense to me. Limbaugh wants her to fail and instead suggests posting her picture in every cheap motel room.
    *sigh* Hell an “American Defender” if you ask me.

  • Kate

    My mom falls into the category of a faithful Limbaugh listener for the sole reason of pissing herself off–much in the same way that she primarily watches fox news during election season. She denies this. But my sisters and I agree that when we were young and getting ready for school in the morning, she would be listening and shaking her head…here’s hoping there’s a lot of loyal listeners like her.

  • alixana

    And that makes you better than someone who makes cracks about Nancy Pelosi’s looks how…?
    We have plenty of substantive things to hit Limbaugh on. We don’t need to resort to the sort of stuff we decry when it’s used on women.

  • Lilith Luffles

    Wow, if I had a Death Note, I would probably be tempted to use it on him too. Someone should write a fan fiction where this happens : )

  • SarahMC

    So much for “real Americans'” deep love for this country, huh? He wants Obama to fail. What does that mean? He is invested in winning, that’s it. Not improving America or solving the problems we face. He would rather America suffer more hardships than watch a political opponent successfully govern.
    Sick shit.

  • Chickensh*tEagle

    So, do they put up pictures of Pelosi in the Domincan Republic too? ;-)

  • everybodyever

    I get where you’re coming from with this — If Obama fails, this country will fail — but I disagree. Bush failed by pretty much any standard, including my neocon parents’. That doesn’t mean America is a lost cause. Its foreign policy thrusts and plenty of its administrative endeavors failed miserably in the last few years. But a country is not its president, thank God, and that’s why I’m a little creeped out by all these comments about What Obama Means Americans Are (er, not that you’re making those comments, of course).

  • Lilith Luffles

    Only a masochist or idiot would wish the leader of their country would fail. Obviously Limbaugh does not understand how he would be negatively affected if Obama were to fail.

  • Keliz

    I think that is a fair statement – our country definitely is not made of glass – but considering the many problems our country is facing right now (after 8 years of Bush) I don’t think we could take much more failure.

  • DeafBrownTrashPunk

    Wow, both of you need to lighten the fuck up. I was being sarcastic, making a joke right back in his face.
    And anyway, I still stand by what I said. He’s one real ugly mofo.

  • MASHBengal

    I don’t think it was this one I had to listen to on the way back up to college yesteray with my dad (he’s a big Limbaugh listener). But there was one similar about how Limbaugh said that Pelosi was going to push abortions to lower the number of people. And one of his main reasons on why this was wrong was that it meant less or no social security for him, cause there wouldn’t be enough people. It sickened me.

  • W. Kiernan

    Actually if one wants pregnancy rates to go down, an effective way to achieve it is to ensure that men have access to lots and lots and lots of opium-based pain-killers. A dude is pin-eyed, slurring his words, high as a kite all the time, and he’ll find he can’t get it up with a crane.

  • Clark

    The only way I can describe Rush is a proliforator of hate speech. I had a boss that had a desk next to mine and he would listen to this so loudly I would hear it also. His fatuous tone as he spewed hate sickens me and I am so glad I no longer work near the other tool that was a devoted fan.

  • SociologicalMe

    Didn’t argue with your conclusions, just your choice to put them here. Also the tactic of “making a joke right back in his face,” in a public forum, boils down to “sinking to his level.”

  • JetGirl70

    It’s so hypocritical. Remember when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks criticized Bush at a concert? She was ostracized and called a traitor for not supporting a wartime president.
    Why isn’t Rush the blowhard being accused of treason now? Aren’t we still at war?

  • Maurecia

    Instead a picture of Nancy Pelosi to promote abstinence, how about a picture of Rush Limbaugh???
    Its not merely superficial and sexist to call her ugly, but HUGELY hypocritical. People in ugly, er, glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • MomTFH

    This was my least favorite of his recent quotes:
    “We are being told we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over and grab our ankles … because his father was black, because he’s the first black president, we’ve got to accept this.”
    Um, what? What the hell does any of this have to do with his father being black? And what does this have to do with him grabbing his ankles? When Bush got up after winning by a super slim majority in 2004 and talked about the political capital he was going to cash in, did he want us to grab our ankles? Was it because he daddy was white?

  • baddesignhurts

    i just doubt that will make polite society marginalize him. the people that agree with him won’t be converted, even with all the facts thrown in their faces. (i read about a recent study that suggested that the more facts conservatives read that undermine their position, they are statistically far more likely than liberals confronted with facts to remain staunch in their beliefs. makes ya wonder, right?)
    and i also think that, by now, the vast majority of people have chosen a side. i know literally no one outside of the most dogmatic conservatives i know who considers limbaugh, coulter, hannity, et al to be even moderately reasonable.
    so since we can’t win them over, why try? i’d rather marginalize the hell out of them.

  • Cassius

    Obama sux and pelosi is ugly, but hosts spouting off obscenities get higher ratings than a serious transmission about politics ( if they did not go extinct yet), so whose fault is it ? Who influences the ratings ?
    “I hate him” “Why do you watch ?” “I want to hear what he says next”.