Shorter Rush Limbaugh: “Obama sux and Pelosi ugly!”

I am glad that Obama said something about Rush Limbaugh. I know it is usually “classier” to ignore someone as ridiculous as Limbaugh, but as myself and others have reminded readers before, Limbaugh has a pretty serious following and while I am sure a percentage of his listenership is for shits and giggles, I think it is telling that he has so much support. I do believe that he is considered right-wing thought leadership, which I think further highlights the need for the right-wing to reassess what types of thought they support. But I digress, these two gems really take the cake.
The first is that he hopes that Obama fails and secondly, he made the sexist statement that if you want pregnancy rates to go to down to post a picture of Pelosi in your bedroom. His “bully in the schoolyard” speak is not political punditry, it is frat-boy-esque humor and shows that he has no arguments left that actually counter logic. Someone needs to let him know it is the era of the nerd! We prefer evidence and science to prove the things that wing-nuts bullshit and evangelize.

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