Beautiful Girls!

I just wanted to pass this along…

Each girl has her own inner beauty: the beauty of action, caring, activism. Tell us about the inner beauty of your daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor or student and help us to inspire girls everywhere with their own unique inner beauty.
Every year, New Moon Girls magazine features 25 girls ages 8-12 who are beautiful inside. Our Girls Editorial Board selects 25 girls (from those who are nominated) who represent many different aspects of inner beauty. Those girls are featured in our May/June issue. And all the other girls who are nominated receive special recognition and are also honored at
Anyone can nominate a girl – her family, someone in the community, another girl. And girls can also nominate themselves!
I encourage you to nominate one or more girls by clicking here to download the short form. Then just complete the nomination form and and email it as an attached file to The deadline is midnight Central Standard Time on Monday, January 19, so act today!

Too often, girls aren’t given props for their inner beauty, so please nominate someone you know (or yourself!) today.

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  • kaitlynva

    Irritating Burger King banner ad showed up at the top of the home page…
    “Hey Jennifer,
    Your leg hair is so long, you could braid it.
    Accompanied by a “What’s your angry?” link.

  • pastfirst

    Great idea.
    There is so much emphasis on physical beauty these days, and so little on inner beauty.
    The saying goes that “beauty is only skin deep”. I can’t agree. We have to look beneath the surface.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the heads up – on it.

  • Terabithia

    I see a lot of complaints about offensive ads, but I pretty much exclusively see Netflix ads.

  • Terabithia

    Literally right now there are 4 banner ads for Netflix and nothing else. I don’t mind but its kinda odd.

  • allisonjayne

    that is so neat!
    on a related note, does anyone have a suggestion for a similar website that doesn’t require members to pay (ie. a safe website community for girls of that age group that isn’t necessarily explicitly feminist but is feminist in thought)? my niece is turning 8 years old, and i worry so much about the information she’s getting from the outside world….

  • Logrus

    Can someone tell me a little about Ann Coulter’s inner beauty?