Feminist Voices on Gaza

Attacks on Gaza are in their fifth day, with nearly 400 dead and many more wounded. There’s so much to say, but in situations like this words tend to fail. So please look to the women’s voices below, and add yours in comments.
Writes Like She Talks has a round-up of links, as does Kim Pearson at Blogher. Cara weighed in, and La Macha at Bitch magazine’s blog wrote a post that led to a comments conversation about why this absolutely is a feminist issue.
PeaceWoman has a comprehensive list of resources – UN and NGO reports and statements, statistics, and papers from women worldwide – on gender and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Barnard’s Scholar and Feminist Online has an excerpt from an issue of Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends dedicated to women’s voices on peace: Sustaining Hope in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.
Sister organizations Bat Shalom and the Jerusalem Center for Women have yet to issue statements, but they’re good places to go to for a feminist perspective.
I’d also recommend following Global Voices Online and their coverage – the site has aggregated posts, pictures and videos from blogs in the region, and also explains how you can follow and talk about the events in Gaza through Twitter.
For a background on the importance of women’s role in peacekeeping, check out this primer on UN Resolution 1325.
Feel free to leave links to more feminist coverage in comments. I’m going to go read some Cynthia Enloe

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