Feminist Voices on Gaza

Attacks on Gaza are in their fifth day, with nearly 400 dead and many more wounded. There’s so much to say, but in situations like this words tend to fail. So please look to the women’s voices below, and add yours in comments.
Writes Like She Talks has a round-up of links, as does Kim Pearson at Blogher. Cara weighed in, and La Macha at Bitch magazine’s blog wrote a post that led to a comments conversation about why this absolutely is a feminist issue.
PeaceWoman has a comprehensive list of resources – UN and NGO reports and statements, statistics, and papers from women worldwide – on gender and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Barnard’s Scholar and Feminist Online has an excerpt from an issue of Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends dedicated to women’s voices on peace: Sustaining Hope in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict.
Sister organizations Bat Shalom and the Jerusalem Center for Women have yet to issue statements, but they’re good places to go to for a feminist perspective.
I’d also recommend following Global Voices Online and their coverage – the site has aggregated posts, pictures and videos from blogs in the region, and also explains how you can follow and talk about the events in Gaza through Twitter.
For a background on the importance of women’s role in peacekeeping, check out this primer on UN Resolution 1325.
Feel free to leave links to more feminist coverage in comments. I’m going to go read some Cynthia Enloe

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  • vhs

    Oh you could be battling racist quotes all the rest of the year. It is not hard to find racist and annihilationist quotes from high-ranking Israeli officials and politicians to shame the “side” that you have chosen to be on. I think that tactic would be despicable in itself though, as it is that you have decided to be on a murderous (and terrorist and illegal) “side” instead of being willing to look for resolving conflicts. If you want to play a racist game then you could find more despicable Hamas-quotes and find another racist playmate to throw despicable Irgun-quotes back at you and the game could could go on and on… I’m not going to participate in that game because a) I am not supporting Hamas so I have no need to defend them whereas you have proclaimed to be “on the side” of the other terrorist-group, the IOF.
    Real life … and actual thinking with your brain… is not about taking sides and sticking to that. This is not a sports game. This is people dying and fortunately it really doesn’t matter in real life what “side” you have decided to cheer for in your privileged little position far away from the killings and the white phosphor burnings, homemade rockets, tanks and cluster bombs. In the actual situation far away from the surreal sports game it may seem like on your tv it is about a fucked-up situation where people are suffering and being played in an inherently unmoral and unethical power-game.

  • vhs

    A little short-sighted there. This situation has been going on since 1967.

  • vhs

    Quite simple: If being a liberal for example means believing in human rights and political equality, then that is what liberals do… in ALL cases. If you say “oh, I believe in human rights … for me and my kind, but not for those people” then you do not actually believe in human rights and certainly not in equality. Therefor it is utterly correct to say that if you make exceptions to your “liberalism” then you are not a liberal at all.
    “All animals are created equal” can not be followed with “but some are more equal than others” and still be the same, comrade.

  • john.kent

    It puzzles and sickens me and makes me so sad and mad to see these “liberal” commentators here and there suddenly turn into what is normally extreme right wing views (pro-war, pro-collective punishment, pro-occupation, pro-white-supremacy, blame the victim, praise the oppressor) on this particular subject… when it comes to this particular group of people who apparently do not deserve the same analysis, the same feminist views, the same liberal human rights. Oh no, when it comes to Palestinian Arabs then some otherwise “progressives” become more right wing than Bush himself.
    Thanks Managed Hosting