Plus-size vintage for the win!

So I had the pleasure this past weekend to go to Re-Dress, the newly opened, first ever size 14+ vintage clothing store in the country. It was amazing and I spent money I don’t have, but I felt like I was making up for a lifetime of clothes that never fit right. Conventional wisdom might suggest that I should focus my resources on losing weight, but I am way more into looking fabulous and I love vintage clothing. Which is the concept behind Re-Dress-women that don’t fit the oppressive beauty standards pushed by mainstream media have good style-if not better style than mainstream ‘chic.’
So if you are in NY or you are visiting, please check out Re-Dress. The staff is knowledgeable about fashion, they are friendly and queer friendly. Everyone I spoke with had amazing political analysis along with great fashion sense. You can’t really beat that, now can you.
I felt beautiful when I came out. I can’t remember that last time I felt that way after going clothes shopping. Seriously.

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  • The Woolverine

    That makes me really happy to read. Everyone of any size should feel beautiful and able to find clothes they love!

  • LucyBell

    Thank you, Samhita, for consistently writing about this issue. I think there are major links between the things you write and Courtney’s book. Especially the message that “hey, I’m busy trying to make this world better and don’t have 3 hours a day to spend at the gym!” And Courtney’s insight about “time” and how much time we ladies spend THINKING about how we look…what could we do with that time…
    *side note: when I clicked over to comment, CBS ad for Flatten Your Tummy! popped up. Too funny. :-)

  • Ruby Vixen

    Oh how I wish this was on the west coast too!! But still, incredible, and oh so exciting!

  • Moxie Hart

    That sounds cool!
    Unfortunately, I’m closer to a 10/12, so the clothes there prolly won’t fit me, but I still won’t fit into conventional vintage clothes. I guess that lose weight resolution is getting dusted off again.

  • Deb Re/Dress NYC

    Hi Moxie,
    We actually start our vintage at size 10-12 because of your complaint that conventional vintage stores don’t cater to you either.
    We’ve had shoppers of all sizes find vintage goodies. I can’t tell you what to do with your resolution but I can help you find a pretty new-to-you dress. Happy New Year!

  • Moxie Hart

    Awesome! I’ll definitely be there, then.

  • Moxie Hart

    & thanks, btw. It sucks being not skinny but too small for plus-size.

  • Svutlov

    Dearest Samhita
    You were beautiful before you went in.
    Before I get criticized for complementing a woman (heaven forbid), my point is; one doesn’t have to shop, and spend money they don’t have (which is a very bad idea in today’s economic climate), to look beautiful.
    Beauty is either in the eye of the beholder, or a state of mind.
    But you are beautiful Samhita, and were beautiful before you went in to Re-dress.
    But Re-dress does appear to be worthy of the good review. To bad I don’t live near Re-dress, though every time I bought my wife clothes it led to a disaster.
    What is a size 14 fourteen anyways, and why are two different items labeled a 14 never the same fit?
    Why can’t they just size women clothes, like men’s clothes are, in inches?

  • alixana

    What is a size 14 fourteen anyways
    One of the fucking mysteries of the universe.
    I have forever longed for clothing sizes in inches, because it’s as annoying as hell to go into a store and have to grab three different sizes off the rack because I never know which one I’ll need. In one store, I’ll need a 2, in others I’ll need a 4 or a 6, and in yet others an XL top will be too small for my chest and I’ll need a size 8 or 10 in jeans to accommodate my hips.
    That crazy range means that I’m not really a size anything. The numbers don’t actually represent anything and yet people get so caught up in what they are. I’m sure designers will never switch to a standardized, sensible system because then they can’t vanity size things and prey on our self esteem and dignity to sell clothes. All I really want is to be able to shop efficiently and with minimal trips from the fitting room to the sales floor and back.

  • Svutlov

    Such self loathing.
    If you are a woman and you have a body; it’s always beautiful.
    I’m always happy to see a woman’s body, no matter what size she is. I’m not particular about age either for that matter, and never saw a woman’s (over the age of 18) body that I didn’t like.
    To paraphrase the immortal words of Richard Pryor; if you are a woman (over the age of 18), and think you got a bad body, then I would like to give a second opinion (if was I single).
    When it comes to any woman’s body, regardless of age, race, color, or size, I hold equal admiration.
    There is no such thing as a woman with a bad body, and never, ever, forget that.
    I like girls’ bodies too, just not the same way I like women’s bodies.

  • anteup

    I don’t think that was I “I hate my body” post. As someone who IS conventionally skinny even I have problems finding clothes. I hate shopping for clothes. Why? Because I’m 6′ tall, 140lbs. I think most people have problems finding clothes that fit them, be it because of a certain body part that doesn’t get catered to by clothing companies, weight or frame size in general.

  • Svutlov

    “It sucks being not skinny but too small for plus-size.”
    Sounds like, at the very least, a self loathing post.
    Relax, I was just trying to make humor.;)
    Try not to take me too seriously.
    But I was serious when I wrote:
    There is no such thing as a woman with a bad body, and never, ever, forget that.
    That’s my philosophy and the social narrative I am trying to build.

  • Moxie Hart

    Thanks, I appreciate the support. When I posted, I meant that it’s actually physically difficult to find clothes in my size. I’m generally too small for plus-sizes, but there’s usually nothing left over at the “conventional” stores that are my size or their sizes are too small for me.
    Although I do absolutely loathe my body and wish I could exist as pure energy or something. No need to physically manifest.

  • Lolo

    West Coasters ought to check out Fat Fancy, in Portland. They are an underground plus size vintage/used clothing boutique. They have monthly sales in their basement and are trying to raise money to open a store. You can check them out at I’ve only been once, but the time I went I found a beautiful dress from the 50s, in a size 18. They had lots of other great stuff too.