Feministing Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time of year, folks when the editors of Feministing (along with suggestions from readers) put out a list of the year’s best feminist-minded gifts. And of course, given U.S.’ economic crisis, we’ve also suggested a list of charities that could use your help this year as well.
Feel free to leave your own ideas in comments!
Activist-y gifts
Sticker Sisters has a ton of great, well, stickers. But it also has kick-ass t-shirts, magnets and buttons for the activist in your life. This one – meant to be stuck on offensive ads, products, whatever – is my favorite.
Buy your friend the gift of liberal discounts with the Liberal Card.
Or shop at MADRE’s online store to support women worldwide.
Feminist Fashions, Housewares and Knick Knacks

Gotta love Miss Wit’s stylings…
Not to mention our very own Feministing gear!
And nothing says “thank you for being a friend,” than an homage to The Golden Girls.
I am woman, hear me roar. And write.
Or consider giving patriarchy the finger with some subversive cross stitching.
Ladypart-inspired gifts

Show your uterus you love her with a plushy toy.
When you go red, buy green.
And if you’re buying sex toys this year, make sure that they’re made of safe – for your body and the environment – materials.
Support feminist organizations!
Make it a very happy holiday for one of these amazing organizations (don’t forget – leave others in comments!):
The Mautner Project, a national lesbian health organization.
The Abortion Access Project.
SisterSong, a reproductive health collective for women of color.
The Women’s Prison Association, a service and advocacy organization that helps women with criminal justice histories.
The National Advocates for Pregnant Women, which works to protect the human and civil rights of pregnant women.
Give the gift of feminist media
Gift a gift subscription to BUST, Bitch, Shameless, make/shift, or New Moon.
And most importantly, spread the feminist love around this holiday season! Support blogs that aren’t widely-read, local organizations and grassroots campaigns that don’t get the same media attention big orgs do – whether that means volunteering, donating, or even dropping them a note of support.

But if you want to surprise women even more buy some walking shoes for her. Woman is always a woman.

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