Walgreens harasses woman buying Plan B

Consumerist brings us a story out of Oxford, MS, where a woman buying Plan B – which is sold over-the-counter to women over 18 years old – was harassed by the pharmacy staff when she tried to purchase the contraceptive.

She said the pharmacy worker started asking for proof of insurance in order to get the pill. My girlfriend refused and asked to speak to someone in charge. The pharmacist then came, and my girlfriend told him she simply wanted Plan B and that her ID should be good enough. The pharmacist then went about getting the pill, but they also seem to have a policy, a lá abortion clinics, of forcing a waiting period of an hour and giving adoption literature to the person requesting the contraceptive. Now, Plan B is just an additional spermicide, not an abortion pill, but that’s another can of worms. In the end, my girlfriend demanded the Plan B immediately, and she got it, but not without a fair amount of interference on Walgreens’ part. They also insisted on writing down her driver’s license number. (Editor’s Note: Plan B is not a spermicide, but that’s besides the point.)

Proof of insurance? Adoption literature?! And writing down her driver’s license number…it’s all just too much. Something tells me this woman isn’t the only one to be given a hard time about buying this legal contraceptive – and I’m betting not all women who went there knew that they didn’t have to put up with this bullshit.
You can contact the Oxford Walgreens at (662) 513-0894 if you want to tell them what’s what.
I’d also encourage folks to call the corporate offices and tell them that store number 7757 is harassing women trying to buy Plan B. You can also call them at (877) 250-5823 and ask about their company policy regarding birth control and how they make sure that their pharmacists aren’t denying women medication.
Don’t let them get away with this.

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  • ELB1129

    As angry as this story makes me, it comes as no surprise. They’ve been doing this for years. I am from Nebraska originally and at 23 I had an abortion. On top of traveling 3 hours to our state’s ONLY abortion clinic, being harassed by protesters on the way in (one of them actually stood in front of my friend’s car and then came around and grabbed my arm from outside the car), TWO separate Walgreens refused to refill the pills I was given to take after the procedure. My friend had taken me to get something to eat and I had left my pill bottles on the table. My doctor had to call and force the third place to give them to me, which they did, following a lengthy lecture on my “responsibility to God and to myself to learn this lesson about the ramifications of carelessness.” I will never forget that person’s face as long as I live.

  • ELB1129

    I have a question and a comment (and I will try say this as respectfully as I can). First, if I decide to, as you put it, “fornicate”, have the need to back up my birth control and when refused I get angry,I’m in the wrong? Being what I feel is responsible is wrong? (Ok, so two questions.)
    Secondly,A waiting period for Plan B is not a Walgreens corporate policy. Neither is giving out adoption literature. Period. This is not a case of a pharmacist just doing his/her job. This is a case of an individual forcing his/her personal sense of morality on another.
    For the record, I always consider both sides of an issue before passing judgment. However, I do not see affordable,unbiased, accessible contraceptives to be a two sided issue. Especially when there are people out there set to deny that accessibility to millions based on nothing more than personal morality.

  • mccarth

    Me too. That makes me angry even reading it months after you wrote it! I am a strong feminist too, but I bet I would have broken down as well- sometimes it is hard to believe how ignorant and backwards people can be, and truly shocking when it is witnessed firsthand.