New anti-choice organization: Personhood USA

Pam lets us know about a new anti-choice organization that’s sprouted out of attempts to define fertilized eggs as people.
Apparently the defeat of the Colorado amendment made anti-choicers think it would be a fantastic idea to take their failed state initiative nationwide.

A new pro-life organization, Personhood USA, plans to assist local pro-life groups in different states to put personhood amendments on their states ballot by using the petition process.
The 17 States that allow citizens to place constitutional amendments on ballots will be the target states. Personhood USA will also help with opinion petitions to encourage politicians to run personhood amendments in other states. During the Colorado Personhood campaign, organizers were contacted by individuals in many different states with excitement and the desire to start personhood efforts in their own state.
“Praise Jesus! The pro-life tide is rising in America, now is the time for the entire pro-life movement to turn the focus off from permitting murder but attempting to ‘regulate’ it, to pushing for the recognition of the God given right to life for all innocent persons. Persons are humans beings from the moment of fertilization.” Cal Zastrow, Co-Founder of Personhood USA.

Um…yeah. Good luck with all that. Perhaps a creepy video will help…

PUSA Promo (Web) from Endfallow on Vimeo.
Ladies, did you know that your uterus is shaped like AMERICA? Yeah, I didn’t either. I’d write more about the pathetic attempts by anti-choicers to limit women’s reproductive freedoms, but my Texas is cramping like a mofo.
P.S. This is what a fertilized egg looks like. Yeah.

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