Reasons to hate Halloween

I know we’ve already covered the ridiculous sexism (and general sexualization of young girls) and racist bullshit that we find from too many Halloween costumes, but I couldn’t not point out these this gem today. The above is titled the “Oh No You Didn’t Wig.” Just….wow.

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  • norbizness

    There should be no second “d” in “di’int.”

  • sepra

    Sorry, I still love Halloween.
    That wig isn’t a reason to hate Halloween, it’s a reason to hate ignorant wig makers. It’s like hating Mother’s Day instead of the capitalist industry trying to force people to buy more shit when a simple card and “Thanks” will do.

  • Ithika

    So we’re supposed to hate wigs now as well as zebras?

  • ikkin

    I usually dress as “Mama” from Mama’s Family, but I find myself ill today, and I’m overjoyed in having an excuse not to go out.

  • norbizness

    Is that Minnie Driver in the upcoming Lifetime movie The Beyonce Knowles Story?

  • ikkin

    I usually dress as “Mama” from Mama’s Family, but I find myself ill today, and I’m overjoyed in having an excuse not to go out.

  • Ariel

    I think she’s saying it’s racist because it’s stereotyping, just as American Apparel was. The whole concept of the costume is racist. A flashy and revealing dress implies she is hyper-sexual, and the “Oh no you di’int” wig implies the typical “angry black woman”. The dollar sign is sexist as well as a double whammy to being “hyper-sexual” since it clear signifies that she is being pimped out and that she is easy.
    Sorry to burst your snarky bubble, but there’s not deep interpretation with this. It’s pretty clear.

  • Danyell

    I agree that it’s racist- but I’ve certainly seen many many more offensive costumes. I’m surprised only these two are included.

  • Jessica

    Racialicious has a great post on the same topic with more costumes…

  • Ithika

    I don’t even know where to start with you classifying that dress as “revealing”. What does it reveal? Arms? Upper chest? Run for the hills, women with limbs!
    The dollar sign is also sexist now is it? Christ, clearly I’ve not been keeping up!
    Your “clear” interpretation seems pretty reaching to me, considering most of those stereotypes you mention are pretty much unknown to me. As far as I can see the only thing incongruous about that outfit is the dollar sign, otherwise it would be a good bet for some kind of Buck Rogers space-theme.

  • marilove

    If you can’t see what this costume OBVIOUSLY implies, you are quite dense. The dollar sign is obviously sexist in this context and the wig and costume is obviously sexist. Are you really that clueless?

  • marilove

    And add a healthy dose of racism, too.

  • marilove

    Oh man that is a fabulous idea for a costume that I never even considered! I love that show. I think I have a costume for next year!!! (I’m going as an Adorable Clown this year.)

  • snoozycute

    Tonight I will be Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine. Oh Yes. I will dance to Superfreak all night. And I will roll my eyes at all the playboy bunnies and sexy witches.

  • Attagrrrl

    Oh my god, it makes me think of all the racist things I dressed up as when I was a kid.

  • naters

    That rules! I am dressing up as one of the secretaries from Mad Men (mainly because I was able to use stuff I already own, hence cheaper). Right now I am wearing pink, something ruffled, heels with bows on them, painted nails, and more makeup than I even thought possible. I thought it would be good to remind myself why I am a feminist and by god does this do it. :-)

  • marilove

    And I also love “It’s not racist/sexist because the stereotypes are not known to me!!! Obviously I am the know-all, end-all of what is racist and sexist!” I mean come on.

  • marilove

    Does anyone else know any other guys with longish hair going as Dude from the Big Lebowski? ‘Cuz I know of at least 3. “I can wear a robe and drink white russians ALL NIGHT LONG, hells yeah!”

  • snoozycute

    I’ve got friends that do that on normal nights.

  • katie80andstuff

    i’m going as maude lebowski a la the dude’s acid flashback when she is a golden viking/valkyrie!! militantly DIY, my costume RULES!

  • rileystclair

    ew at that costume.
    it is really challenging to find a costume that isn’t sexy fill-in-the-blank. i’m going as sarah palin. my roommate was going to be dorothy from the wizard of oz, but just a normal one, not a sexed-up dorothy and her friends told her it was prudish (no cleavage and the dress came down almost to her knees) and so she found another costume instead just to shut them up. how sad is that?

  • Abby B.

    I AM going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (Except really I’m going as Judy, because my ruby red slippers were the only part of the costume I had before I decided what I was doing, and they’re 4 inch heels)

  • Auriane

    I’m pagan, and have been celebrating Samhain for the past 15 years; I’m skipping the…uh…”sexy racism” for some old-time religion instead.
    Women and men as equals, celebrating the turn of the seasons before going out and getting royally hammered.

  • Auriane

    Sorry, that last sentence wasn’t a sentence, but hopefully you get the idea. I’m not hammered yet, but rather seem to be merely acting the part.
    Halloween can be a lot of fun, as well it should be. Not only do many of us remember our ancestors/deceased friends this weekend, but we also have a rip-roaring good time while laughing in the face of death.
    If you need some ideas for a costume, it seems as though a lot of people are putting together zombie flash mobs, such as the one that took over the NYSE (I believe) in Manhattan recently. Anyone up for a zombie banker rally?

  • Appetite for Equal Rights

    AGREED. Halloween costumes can be so terribly disgusting. I posted about this issue in my blog as well (here and here).

  • evergeneva

    I am a fan of Halloween as well. I’m with sepra on this one. We shouldn’t advocate “hating” anything. We should be advocating being critical of the Halloween industrial complex that makes Halloween the 2nd largest commercial holiday in the United States. We should be advocating for those that celebrate Halloween to be conscious of what their costumes represent or misrepresent. We should be advocating for more information about the history and traditions of Halloween and how those can be maintained and transformed.

  • Alan

    I just find it funny that one day out of the year you almost HAVE to be someone else, and even though we have 364 other days to come up with an idea so many people cop out and say, “I’ll just wear lingerie and some bunny ears.” I have to THINK about my costume. Not that I deserve sympathy for my maleness, but I actually have to come up with something instead of just taking off clothes until I look noticeably indecent.
    I might be an “undecided voter” at a party tomorrow. We’ll see how that works out. Ironically enough, I have a heart surgery scar down my chest, so I really am “split down the middle”! Ha. Ha. Ha.
    But to get to the point: the name of this wig is…sexist and racist and wrong.

  • Alice

    I agree with evergeneva, but with the caveat that I fail to see how any blame falls on what she calls the “Halloween industrial complex.” Costume companies do not generally have any social agenda beyond profit, making their offerings entirely mutable, which includes stopping of production entierly, but the buying public. She is exactly right, therefore, to say that the only solution lies in changing the beliefs and behavior of Halloween celebrators.
    For every sale of a racist costume, there is a purchase of a racist costume by someone who saw it and sincerely believed that they would be better off with that costume than another costume, or with any costume at all instead of another bottle of Jack Daniels for the party, a clear case of skewed priorities if ever there was one.

  • wax_ghost

    Wish I could join you! I love dressing up and handing out candy like I’m doing tonight, but I also miss celebrating the “dark” side of life and my loved ones who have passed.

  • MoodyStarr

    Anyone who shows up to the party tonight dressed as a Playboy Bunny or something gets one of my delicious cemetery cupcakes tossed at em.

  • Sgt.York

    RE: “Playboy Bunny or something gets one of my delicious cemetery cupcakes tossed at em.”
    In defense of sexy costumes (or “slutty” depending on perspective); Halloween is a party and hookup event for a lot of single people and dressing sexy increases your chances of meeting anther single person. It also provides an opportunity for a lot of women to dress a little more risque than they normally would. Certainly, if a woman WANTS to dress up as “sexy witch” or “playboy bunny” or whatever it’s her choice and clearly a lot of women love doing just that.

  • SaltyLilKipper

    I agree.
    I went as a sexy school girl this year. Life is too short for me to sit around wringing my hands and worrying about what other people are going to think of me. Next year I’m either going to get a spray tan and blonde wig and go as Britney Spears or set my hair in perm rods and go as Dr. Frank N Furter.

  • ShifterCat

    Agreed… with provisos. I have no problem with people of either sex dressing “slutty” on Halloween because it’s one of the few times they can do so without censure. But there are problems with sexy costumes for women becoming a trend.
    First of all, since it’s such an overwhelming trend, many women feel like they must have a sexy costume, and that there’s something wrong with them if they don’t.
    Second, the trend has spread to prepubescent girls’ costumes. I don’t think people should have to explain to their eight-year-olds what “fetish wear” is.
    Third, I think that the people whose costumes required creativity and skill to put together should get the attention, not the person who just raided her lingerie drawer and bought some dollar-store cat ears.

  • Brandi

    Am I supposed to believe that wig is supposed to represent negro hair? Give me a break! I have white friends and family that have curlier hair that that.
    Heres how they describe the wig:
    “masses of auburn curls”
    How many black people have you seen that have auburn curly hair like the wig? I never have, that is unless they straitened it and then colored it auburn or are wearing a wig. The wig looks more like curly Caucasian hair that negro hair.
    The gold dollar sign chain is the only thing that makes the costume look like a black person.

  • Angie

    ummm…”negro hair”?…NEGRO hair??? This isn’t the nineteen hundreds Brandi and I think it is pretty clear what this costume is suppost to represent. Let’s review the title, shall we? The “Oh no you didn’t!” wig. So it doesn’t look entirely realistic…it’s a fucking wig! It probably costs all of five dollars at walmart.
    Oh, by the way, the term you’re looking for is “African American”. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to vomit in disgust.