Sarah Palin Sexism Watch: O’Reilly Edition

Good ol’ boy Bill O’Reilly was on The View yesterday and, in addition to being generally offensive and irritating, he also said the following in response to this seemingly innocuous question: “Why won’t Sarah Palin come on your program?”

I don’t know. I want her to come in. I have outfits she can wear.

Outfits she can wear? Is Bill betraying his own bizarre role playing fantasy featuring Palin on national television? Letting such a patronizing and objectifying sentence slip out of his mouth is just more proof that O’Reilly lacks the credibility that should be required of any national news host.
See the clip for yourself below:

*Taking a tip out of a 1970s anti-feminist rule book, Bill also recommends that Joy Behar “lighten up” about politics. Yeah, why can’t she just see it as one big, melodramatic performance with no consequences like he does? It makes for great ratings.

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