Tuesday Ten: Feminist Stereotypes

At one of our Feministing retreats, we had a running joke about creating a “Feminist Stereotypes Pin-Up Calendar.” (January= Two women making out. February = Birkenstock-wearing earth-mama dancing in a field. March = Frigid career woman in a power suit. April = Close-up of a HAIRY ARMPIT. Etc etc etc…) We all take pleasure in mocking the stereotypes that hit our email inbox every day. Especially given the blatant contradictions that crop up over and over again. So for my first Tuesday Ten list, I’m gonna count down my favorite feminist stereotypes:

1. We’re frigid and hate sex.
2. We’re sluts.
3. We’re lonely “cat ladies” who can’t get a man. Therefore, we are bitter.
4. We get knocked up for fun just to have abortions on-demand.
5. We’re hairy, angry man-haters.
6. We’re just desperate for male attention.
7. We want to dismantle the patriarchy so we can establish a matriarchy! Muhahaha.
8. We are intellectually unserious.
9. We are the sanctimonious women’s studies set, with our heads up our academic asses.
10. We are loud-mouthed bitches who won’t STFU and make you a sammich.

Ok, so the last one’s true.

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