Mitchum Man Ads: The New Axe

What is up with the plethora of disturbing sexist advertising for men’s deodorant? Are they that scared of the simple joy of smelling nice?
Mitchum Man ads may just be your worst nightmare. And they’re everywhere – on trains, on bar coasters, bus stops. Not only do they epitomize the worst of American masculinity, but promotes nonconsensual sexual behavior (see below). Change Happens covered this in August; our apologies for being super late on it.
Their website proudly displays a number of gems, like:

“If you’re the only one who knows which remote controls what, you’re a Mitchum man.”
“A Mitchum Man’s shirt is clean. His mind, not so much.”
“If G is your favorite kind of string, you’re a Mitchum Man”
“If your best man is holding onto your bachelor party pictures, you’re a Mitchum Man.”

And it goes on and on…

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