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Ann Coulter: Why use logic when racism is so much easier?

TweetYou know, I realized this morning how happy people like Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin must be that someone like Sarah Palin is running for VP. I mean, what does the media love more than women that manipulate the words of feminism to justify their calculated misrepresentations of important women’s issues. And what do anti-feminist [...]
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Using Google Books to spread the feminist love

TweetThis is too neat. Blogs can now embed books available on Google Books for readers to peruse. I hope Feministing can use this to highlight awesome feminists texts… So in honor of Samhita’s recent post, check out Barbara Smith’s great book, Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology, after the jump. (And don’t forget to support [...]
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Living Legends: Interview with Barbara Smith

Tweet So for those of us Feministing gals (Jessica, Vanessa and myself) that went to school in that sleepy upstate town known as Albany we all have a special place in our hearts for Barbara Smith. One of my most formative feminist “click” moments was seeing Barbara Smith lecture at SUNY Albany when I was [...]
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Hasn’t “MILF” jumped the shark yet?

TweetJust something quick a reader passed along: The url redirects to Via Twitter. Tweet
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Monday Monty Blogging (professional pup edition)

Tweet This weekend was my mother’s 60th birthday party and Andrew thought Monty should get dressed up for the occasion too. Hence, the tie. (And don’t worry – we only left it on for the picture.) By the way, feminism is totally in my genes. Check out this pic of my mom back in the [...]
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