Using Google Books to spread the feminist love

This is too neat. Blogs can now embed books available on Google Books for readers to peruse. I hope Feministing can use this to highlight awesome feminists texts… So in honor of Samhita’s recent post, check out Barbara Smith’s great book, Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology, after the jump. (And don’t forget to support feminists by buying their books!)


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  • maggie1

    One feminist I think we should also support is Kathleen Parker
    30 to 40% of all American children sleep in a home separate from their fathers.
    60% of bachelor’s degrees awarded in this country in 2012 will go to women.
    4 prime-time, family-focused shows (in a study of 102) portrayed the father as present and involved in his children’s lives.

  • Jessica

    Um, Parker is actually an anti-feminist. But kudos for trying to convince my readers to buy a book that tells women they’re less than!

  • maggie1

    Acually Jessica, Parker is a feminist.
    Granted she is not a radical or so-called gender feminist, but she is a feminist none the less.
    Just because she does not support some of the gender divisive radical feminist ideals does not mean we should not respect her opinion.

  • maggie1

    currently there is a new wave of modern feminists that is growing very fast and attracting a lot of young people. I think we should all check it out.

  • Rebecca

    “many men resent women because they’ve been forced to pretend that women are equals, and men know they’re not.”
    Please explain how someone who says this is a feminist.
    I know it’s not my place to ask you to leave the site, but it’s OK if I just say I would really like you to, right?

  • Bloomberg

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