Ten Things Samhita can do without

In the spirit of Courtney’s ten things she could do without list last week and all the amazing responses I wanted to do my own list. Now we must pressure the other ladies to do them too!
10. Being told I have an accent but you can’t place it, when the closest my accent comes to is California valley girl.
9. Shops that don’t carry larger than a size 8.
8. Body hair removal.
7. Being asked for empirical, statistical and quantifiable evidence, policy briefs, historical documentation, video, and whatever other proof that racism exists.
6. Being told that because of my interests and education I am not really a person of color.
5. Progressive men that do sexist shit.
4. The McCain/Palin ticket.
3. Having my weight scrutinized by friends and family on a regular basis even though I am a grown ass woman and it is none of your business.
2. Homophobia/transphobia/queer-phobia/disability-phobia. It is gross, it is tacky and it is upsetting.
1. Dating.

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