Quick Hit: McCain suspends campaign, calls for Obama to do the same

Due to the looming financial crisis and recently proposed bailout plan, McCain just announced he will be suspending his campaign.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced Wednesday that he is suspending his campaign to return to Washington and focus on the “historic” crisis facing the U.S. economy. McCain said it was time for both parties to come together to solve economic crisis.
The Arizona senator called on his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, to do the same.The Obama campaign announced that Obama would make a statement shortly.He also urged organizers of Friday’s presidential debate at the University of Mississippi to postpone the event.
“I am calling on the president to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself,” McCain told reporters in New York. “It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.”
It was not immediately clear how extensive the suspension he announced would be — whether it would include dropping television advertising or just canceling scheduled appearances. McCain took no questions after reading his statement.

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UPDATE: You can vote on whether or not you think the debate should be postponed.
UPDATE II: Obama says he will continue with the debate as planned.

“It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess,” Obama said in a news conference in Clearwater, Fla. “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.”

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  • Ann

    Since when is it selfless and courageous to refuse to address a pressing national crisis? This guy wants to be president. It’s going to largely fall on the next president to clean up this mess. So explain to me why he’s decided to stop talking to the American people about how, exactly, he’d go about fixing things?

  • ArmyVetJen

    Seeing that one tactic of his campaign has been to isolate his VP candidate from speaking to the media this looks more like a ploy than a noble, selfless and courageous thing. As if him and Obama can fix it single-handedly. If anything we need a President who realizes it takes more than just him or her to fix something.

  • http://www.wasteyourpaint.com/ Kinderplatz

    My thoughts are he’s doing this because the numbers suddenly turned against him as a result of said economic crisis and he needs to do something, anything, to get them back up. He supported the legislation responsible for the crisis and prides himself on being a “de-regulator,” and it has suddenly come back to bite him in the ass. All the free-market capitalists heads are spinning because their vaunted economic system is collapsing from the sheer weight of their short-sighted incompetence.

  • http://fluffthebunny.livejournal.com Veronica

    So when your team is losing and you’re about to get your ass handed to you on a platter, what do you do?
    Sure… Nice try…

  • RedPersephone

    I have to agree with those above, that this seems an awful lot like a ploy to keep from having to answer questions about his own campaign–and his own campaign staff, many of whom were until recently lobbying their asses off to keep these financial institutions from being regulated by the government. (Thus making them responsible at least in part for getting us into this mess.)
    If McCain’s still planning on running his TV ads that are filled with lies, and then not having to face questions about them, we will know his real reason for doing this.

  • uberhausfrau

    yep. i smell bullshit.

  • ottermatic.wordpress.com

    And they want to cancel the debates. This is complete bullshit. I don’t know if it will do anything, but I’m going to call the Commission on Presidential Debates and encourage them NOT to cancel the debates on Friday – (202) 872-1020.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dinosbroad Kate

    McCain didn’t answer questions after reading this statement? SHOCKING. He and Palin have both been scared shitless of having to actually answer for their policies and opinions.
    And they CAN’T reschedule the debate! I’ve already got the rules for my drinking game all planned out! (Drink when McCain says “maverick,” chug when he flashes that creepy smile…)

  • Rachel_in_WY

    Quick! Stall! Create a diversion! Do something – they’re looking at us and expecting answers!

  • aleks

    Great! Can Biden and Northern Exposure Barbie debate the economy on Friday instead, by the big boy rules, while McCain and Obama rush back to the Senate to provide leadership in these trying times of strong economic fundamentals?

  • http://ojibwaymigisibineshii.blogspot.com/ Cecelia

    This is very interesting…and I wonder if he is thinking this will help him & Palin in gaining more votes?

  • http://newmoongirls.com Heatherinspring

    Haha, Kate: as selfish as it is, that was my first reaction, too. I’ve already outlined a drinking game with friends! (Ours sounds pretty similar to yours…we’ve got the word “change” in there, too).
    But seriously, I call shenanigans on this one (even if shenanigans isn’t a serious word). I’m nothing but irritated by McCain as he heads back to the capitol to hide out. But I’m *fuming* that he suggests Obama do the same. And if Obama doesn’t, I just KNOW the McCain will do a “AHHA!” and point out that Obama must not be concerned enough about the economy to stop his campaigning.

  • biancamarissa

    I like Obama’s response.

  • Tara K.

    I already have a whole department POTLUCK planned for Friday!
    You KNOW Obama (who’s like the most motivational candidate every) is just gonna knock a hole in McBuzzard’s mumbly, fumbly face. Can’t wait, can’t wait!
    I’m considering dressing as Palin for the event, ‘cuz I so got her accent down.

  • Rachel_in_WY

    Great idea, aleks, but it’ll never happen. Apparently she’s too much of a fading flower to have a debate on a serious topic.

  • alixana

    Me too, biancamarissa! His response is almost snarky, but has a really good point in it. A president usually doesn’t have the luxury of putting one crisis on hold to take care of another, and if Obama can multi-task efficiently during his campaign, it’s only a positive reflection on him.

  • A male

    As with choosing Gov. Palin as a running mate, the McCain campaign is actually displaying a lot of political savvy by choosing this moment to suspend his campaign. His reasons sound good, and they do convince millions of people, who may use emotion or ideology to make decisions, not critical thinking. I am also pessimistic about the election.

  • faithdarwin

    All of a sudden McCain cares about the economy! That’s nice! Gee, I bet it will be solved by avoiding questions about why his/the republican economic policy has lead to this problem in the first place.

  • Hannah

    McCain camp: “Shoot, the economy’s going to crap and we don’t have a tagline that will make it seem like we have a solution…quick, check the schedule, we need time to come up with something that’s almost like Clinton’s ‘It’s the economy’ thing…only not? Oh, damn, we don’t have time tomorrow, we have to go over who can interview Palin and about what…I mean, we can’t do the thinking for both of them at once, can we? And, oh, crap, that debate thing is Friday. He’s supposed to, like, argue with Obama bin Laden or something, right? Well, anyway, he can’t get up in front of a bunch of people with nothing to say about the economic crisis no matter what Muslim he’s talking to. So we’ll just have to get them to move that debate to after his doctor’s appointment and before her geography lesson…”
    God, I hope that’s not actually what happened.

  • JosephLillo

    I would love to hear how John “Keating Five” McCain reconciles his being so serious about this bailout and so flip about the S&L bailout.

  • http://www.SarahPalinISNTHillaryClinton.com SarahPalinISNTHillaryClinton

    Is it really all that surprising that McCain doesn’t want to debate?
    I mean really, if you were McCain, would you want to field questions about the crumbling house of cards you’ve made of your campaign?
    Speaking of answering questions, does anyone think Palin will start answering questions / have a press conference before the VP debate? Anyone else think bumping this debate back is a round about way of bumping the VP debate down the road?
    Finally, stumbled upon this, thought some of you would enjoy it: http://www.OneQuestionForPalin.com

  • feminanimal

    A male;
    I too am weary. If I know Republicans, this is a shrewd, calculated decision that takes advantage of their party’s capacity to follow the leader thoughtlessly while limiting the amount of time that McCain and Sarah are exposed to criticism. I honestly, perhaps idealistically, believe that there isn’t a single undecided voter who can unbiasedly look at the two men’s actions during this race, their policy, and histories and decide that McCain is a good choice for the United States, especially now during this bailout. All McCain can do at this point is hope that the Republican base, Evangelicals, and good-ole’ fashioned American racism will come through for him. Call me a pessimist too, but I think they might just.

  • Hilary

    I think it is notable that Obama actually maade the first move. He contacted McCain this morning and asked McCain to issue a joint statement about how serious and united they were on the financial crisis issue. I seriously think McCain’s campaign wanted to steal the thunder of this being Obama’s idea, so they had to kick it up 10 notches. True Karl Rove-ean technique to turn a strength or idea ofthe other side and make it their own. And, it didn’t hurt to cancel a debate he would get soundly beaten in.

  • Theaz

    McCain is promising to cancel all “advertising, fundraising and other campaign events”. Thank goodness, god forbid his commercials still run while he’s in meetings in Washington. It’d be so distracting for him…
    Seriously? How could this have seemed like a good political manouever to anyone on his staff? Some dramatic relocation of the debate, maybe, a scaling back, whatever, make the financial crisis seem like a major priority, but this just makes his campaign seem little hysterical and incompetent, doesn’t it?

  • frat4435

    samhita, I was disturbed to find out that you deleted my other comments I made from my other posts, including the one I made on the post about how John Mccain has suspending his campaign to address the economy, my comment read “I think this is a selfless and courageous thing Mccain is doing”- that’s all it said.
    Instead of telling me what was wrong with that post, you instead deleted it without anyone knowing or without telling anyone- not good samhita.
    I have read the comments policy and would like to know in what way I violated it by making that comment.
    This is a public blog and I would like to know why you are obviously controlling peoples opinions so much.
    I think at least one other blogger at this website agreed with me- “Wow, so now commenter’s with opposing viewpoints are belittled and then told to go away and never come back? Unfortunately, when you post on a public blog like this you open yourself up to criticism, as I’m sure all the other ladies who post here have noticed. If you don’t want to hear other peoples’ opinions, keep it on a private blog that only your friends can read” -After the way samhita treated me today, I’m afraid I am starting to agree with you, Morgan La Fey.
    samhita, instead of cowardly deleting this comment, I think you need to explain you censorious actions to me and the other posters.
    This is supposed to be a website where women can feel free to express their opinions without being belittled.

  • fatsweatybetty

    You really had to post that on every single thread?

  • frat4435

    p.s. sorry guys for putting this comment on so many posts, I’m just afraid samhita will delete it before you guys can see how bad samhita has gotten lately when it comes to deleating people’s dissenting opinions

  • Tara K.

    @frat4435: Please, please go start your anti-Samhita rally somewhere else. If I could, I’d delete your posts because you put them on every damn thread. You are way too melodramatic.
    C’mon — “see how bad samhita has gotten lately”
    What is this, “Days of Our Lives?” Your gonna paint an editor as the villain spiraling outta control and you – the innocent victim – just need to tell everyone before she poisons them AND THEN —
    Seriously, chill. This is so high schoolish.
    That said, McCain IS the villain spiraling outta control, so let’s get back to him…

  • laurylen

    Does no-one else feel uncomfortable with his [McCain's] use of the term “suspend” in the vicinity of “elections.”
    He also used the term “crisis” – synonym for emergency. Giving Bushy boy the idea to declare an emergency – state of… and “suspend” elections.
    Rethugs know they are on course to lose. What wouldn’t they do?

  • azuleyedgirl88

    This isn’t so much a comment on this post exactly, but it is on the subject of the election coming up.
    I hadn’t yet looked into any of the issues for either side, I knew which way I was leaning, but decided to become more well versed on the actual issues.
    I started at Obama’s website and clicked open the issues that I would understand the most. My favorite topic that he has on his site is “women”. His site has an entire page devoted on women’s rights and the different types of things his campaign supports. I merely skimmed through the page before I wondered, does McCain’s site have a page of issues devoted just for women? I thought surely he must since Palin is his running mate.
    Much to my surprise, I found that McCain’s campaign site did not have a page for women. He brought Palin on to his campaign and yet, where is the focus? Obama has Biden as his running mate, no women there and they have a page for women. But McCain, with Palin on the ticket, does not.
    Either way you view this in your mind, check out Obama’s page. It’s worth the read!

  • frat4436

    *update* After reviewing my profile, it actually looks like samhita made it where I can’t post anymore. seriously. Thats why I had to use the name frat4435 instead of frat4437.
    Pretty cowardly samhita, especially since it was you who said to me on the thread called “Un Feminist Guilty Pleasure: Commercial Rap”. when were debating the misogyny in the music industry and I had to step out for a few hours- you said “I think you should read up about the culture of misogyny in hip hop and what produces it, why it is so popular and who is buying into the product. With that extra analysis come back to this debate”
    It turns out that evidently during that time I was gone, (without informing anyone or giving me a warning) you banned me from posting on this website under my original name frat4437. Wow, If you were intimidated to have a debate with me, why not just tell me that, instead of deleting me. lol.
    cowardly, samhita

  • laurylen

    Why not natter on about nothing? Oh wait, you are already -lol.

  • nightingale

    Haha, whiny troll is whiny.
    I, too, am seeing this as a silly ploy. It’ll probably get some people going, but hopefully that’s just the people who were already voting for McCain. Obama responded well, but there’s no accounting for some people.

  • Danyell

    I like Obama’s response which was basically “Why can’t we do work in DC and still keep the campaigns going? A president has to multitask on stuff all the time!”
    And yeah, I really don’t see how not airing his commercials is going to help McCain fix the economy. And how long will be postpone? Until this is fixed? The election will be over by then!

  • http://reclamationfeminist.blogspot.com Brandi

    @A male: I fear you’re right. I keep going through conversations in my mind with staunchly supportive Republicans I know telling me that this is just *proof* that McCain’s a) a maverick and b) concerned more about the country than about being President. There really is a tendency not to view him as “playing politics,” which I don’t understand. Though I support Obama, I know he does calculated things to get a response. I expect it, but somehow there’s this mass of people who’ve grown to believe McCain is above that when I see nothing but politics in his actions.

  • Femgineer

    Ohhhh, I think I get it. Thanks Brandi. McCain is trying to look like he doesn’t really want the presidency, thereby proving that he deserves it more than Obama.
    Isn’t the ultimate agent for change the president? So why would someone not want to get to that position if they are as close as McCain? It is not selfless when it is a calculated move that is used for self interest. Courageous? More like risky and reckless.

  • aleks

    Great idea, aleks, but it’ll never happen. Apparently she’s too much of a fading flower to have a debate on a serious topic.
    Posted by Rachel_in_WY Author Profile Page | September 24, 2008 5:33 PM
    When McCain picked her, before I learned about her Religious Right cred, my assumption was that McCain’s plan to win the election was a bitter-white-women backlash when Biden inevitably stomped Baked Alaska in the VP debate. For some chivalrous, sexist, suicidal-in-the-usual-Democratic-way reason, however, team Obama accepted baby rules for the VP debate to protect Moose Fur Bikini.
    Courageous? More like risky and reckless. Posted by Femgineer
    Have you ever known a fighter pilot?