Sarah Palin Sexism Watch: Skirt-wearing, SexyMom edition

There’s really nothing about this clip that’s good. According to Donny Deutsch, host of CNBC’s Big Idea, the “new feminist ideal” (ahem) is selling women in power as a sexy SuperMom. Also, Sen. Hillary Clinton made a mistake when she “didn’t put a skirt on.”

There is the new creation that the feminist woman has not figured out in 40 years of the feminist ideal that men can take in a woman in power and women can celebrate a woman in power. Hillary Clinton didn’t figure it out. She didn’t put a skirt on!
…She [Palin] talked about energy. Didn’t matter! Today everybody’s running in circles — we want to have her over for dinner. I trust her. I want her watching my kids. I want her laying next to me in bed. That’s the way people vote.

Via Think Progress.

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