When you thought PETA couldn’t get worse.

I got 100 percent on the ABC Striptease Quiz!
That’s right. On the PETA website, a schoolgirl-outfitted woman strips herself down topless in undies as you answer the ABC Striptease Quiz on animal birth control. The intro says:

Hi, I’m Amber, and today, we’re going to be going over our ABCs. Here’s your first lesson: “ABC” stands for “animal birth control,” but it can also stand for “Amber’s bored with clothes” if you have the brainpower to answer these 10 quiz questions correctly.
There’s nothing that gets me hotter than an intelligent person who’s also compassionate, so let’s see if we can’t get me hot enough to remove a few pesky items of clothing–if you’re up to the challenge, that is …

As regular readers know, this is not the first of PETA’s offensive actions. But this is straight up soft porn for your ass. Contact PETA and let them know that their sexist (and recently racist) asshattery is severely played out.
h/t to all the readers who alerted us to this!

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  • laura e-l

    until PETA connects the animal rights struggle with the other social struggles of the world, they are doomed to fail. here’s what i wrote them:
    I am writing this letter as a vegan and a social justice activist. In the past, I have been disgusted by your misogynist advertising strategy. After hearing about the ABC Striptease Quiz on your website and your proposed advertisement for the fence being built between the US and Mexico, your organization has lost any and all of my respect. The fact of the matter is you fight against oppression, exploitation, and murder of animals but you join in on the oppression, exploitation, and murder of people. Potentially purchasing ad space on the border fence is supporting and funding an immigration policy that is completely inhumane and results in the deaths of many people who are forced by our government’s foreign policy to leave their home country. Creating ads like the Superbowl Girls Gone Wild is perpetuating the objectification of women and the rape culture we live in. Unless PETA learns that the social struggles of this world are part of the broader struggle that I believe the very important issue of animal liberation falls under, the movement you are building will ultimately fail. As a past donor, I will never give another penny to PETA and I will encourage all of my friends to stop their donations too until you publicly acknowledge the huge wrongs you have committed and develop a publicity and organizing strategy that is anti-oppressive. Maybe you believe in publicity at any cost, but all you are doing is supporting and encouraging the exploitation of and violence against other oppressed groups. And that, PETA, is a sorry excuse for an organizing strategy.

  • eco

    I’m happy to be educated about sexist advertising, but I’m really sick of all the vegan/vegetarian bashing on this site. I agree with other commenters that every time this segment comes up, many people feel the need to make idiotic jokes or nasty comments. Did you notice that NO one is trying to push their vegan agenda on you? Not one vegan is attacking you, so I don’t get the hostility and generalizations against ALL of us. I wish we could keep the comments focused on the organization that is using women to push their agenda, instead of a free for all on your fellow commenters. I am a vegan and I do it because I don’t want to support an awful industry that goes against my values. wow, weird.
    I agree with Indecent Idealist- I too would love a post about the parallels between animal oppression and abuses of women.

  • salmonarm

    PETA’s response is pathetic, in my opinion. I don’t think there has to be unanimity of opinion on this site or any other – if some women (or men) think this is fine, and that it’s empowering for a woman (or a staff of women – even better!) to use tits and ass to get people’s attention, then that’s their problem – and I DO think it’s a problem. The fact that the ‘porn-ness’ of this gimmick is lost on some people is an indicator of how entrenched raunch culture is. It’s not just the images, it’s the text, addressed to the user: “yes yes yes”…”I might take my clothes off” etc. It’s titilation that seems mightily involved for just an attempt to get someone’s attention. I think they might think it’s cute…barf. The fact that women perpetrate this is even sadder. Think beyond these old, old, OLD-fashioned gimmicks, gals.

  • Nebraska

    I’ve grown a bit weary of all the PETA posts lately. It’s really disappointing to me that the contributors of this website love to spend their time and energy blogging about PETA’s latest antics, yet won’t dedicate a post to the connection between feminism and vegetarianism. Maybe you’ve never thought about it? Check out the Sexual Politics of Meat.

  • GrowingViolet

    I agree, Nebraska. For all that Feministing is sometimes interested in intersectionality (a word I admit to disliking – “intersection(s)” would be fine), feminist animal advocacy gets consistently ignored. It’s a pretty long-established subsection of feminism at this point, but I can’t think of a single post I’ve seen here that’s been even tangentially related to it – just complaints about kinds of publicity campaigns that, with one exception, seem to be off-limits for criticism if anyone besides PETA does them. Funnily enough, PETA’s use of male nudity never raises any objections either.

  • GrowingViolet

    I agree, Nebraska. For all that Feministing is sometimes interested in intersectionality (a word I admit to disliking – “intersection(s)” would be fine), feminist animal advocacy gets consistently ignored. It’s a pretty long-established subsection of feminism at this point, but I can’t think of a single post I’ve seen here that’s been even tangentially related to it. All I’ve seen are complaints about kinds of publicity campaigns that, with one exception, seem to be off-limits for criticism if anyone besides PETA does them, or if they involve male nudity.

  • Ariel

    Maybe you’re the one who should do the post. Maybe other people haven’t had their eyes open to the cause. Maybe they’re waiting for someone like you to blog on the site that you’ve mentioned? I would certainly like to hear what you have to say. I can’t guarantee that it’ll make me Vegan, but maybe it’ll allow more room for passion against animal abuse. Maybe enough that I’ll volunteer at the Humane Society or ASCAP. Blaming ignorance is only prudent if that ignorance is willful.
    P.S. I am already for animal rights, just for clarification.

  • FrumiousB

    @ SaraLaffs17:
    Are other beans safe for you? Peanuts are really legumes, not nuts, so other leguminous plants might be dangerous. But if an allergy test clears you, lentils, garbanzos, black beans, red and white kidney beans, butter beans, fava beans, navy beans, and all the other varieties will perk up your diet with protein and diversity.

  • rootedwillow

    Why do we as humans feel the need to control the reproduction patterns of cats/dogs etc? Who are we to decide when they should or shouldn’t mate? The only reason we care about them is because they’re furry and cute… nobody gives a shit about rats or pigeons! No one is campaigning to have them spayed or neutered. You know in other countries cats and dogs live in the wild and in the cities without homes and they live fine. I have a dog myself and when we got her spayed it was a disaster. She was depressed and physically hurt from the scar and so forth, but we did it because “we” didn’t want her to have puppies. How thoughtful of us right? To have a pet and then limit her sexual reproductive needs right? Well, I have definitely learned from my experience and I will never get another pet spayed or neutered. That is nature people! PETA is all about shock value, not respect. There is nothing wrong with a naked body, but when it is used to sell a product or enforce an idea it is just as worthless as the fur/leather people wear. And the fact that they used the over sexualized school girl idea is just sick (yay for barely legal soft-core porn!)
    I am all for anti-animal testing to an extent (testing cosmetics on animals is pretty stupid)… that extent being is health of human beings (diseases etc) and other animals. People and animals have given up their lives so that we can be here right now. If we are against animal testing we should be against human testing. So if people are against all animal testing stop taking ADVIL, stop taking TYLENOL, stop taking any of your medication. DON’T take your pet to the VET, because had not other animals died your vet would not know how to vaccinate or even spay or neuter your pet correctly. There needs to be a balance and to those of you who can be vegan much respect I would never be able to do that. I drink soy milk but I love meat and that is my personal choice. I do go out of my way to make sure the meat was from a place where the chicken/cow/lamb lived a good life. But again all this is nature. It is supposed to happen this way. Frankly I think we’ve been trying to control Mother Nature too much lately how about we let of that a little bit.

  • eco

    Yikes rootedwillow. I’m sorry your pet came down with a medical issue, but just because YOU had one bad experience with neutering doesn’t mean it is a bad policy. Spaying and neutering is extremely safe, and is recommended by highly respected animal welfare organizations. Even feral cats- cats that are completely wild- are recommended to be spayed and released. Why? Without it, they constantly bear kittens, the majority of which do not survive to adulthood, and the cats become sick and die. (check out any of the feral cat protection websites for the stats) The male cats screech at night and get in constant fights over territory.
    We are the stewards and guardians of the animals we care for- they do not have the autonomy to care for their own health, so what you are recommending is extremely foolish and in no way the same to a woman’s control over her health. We already have a terrible overpopulation of animals because there are too many unwanted pets. And you know that domesticated pets are not allowed to live in the “wild” of cities, right? They are routinely picked up by law enforcement and euthanized. Check the facts behind companion animal population control.

  • http://voiceofdissent.info Angie

    I’m very saddened though not at all surprised at PETA’s actions. As an abolitionist animal rights activist I think PETA does more harm to animal rights than any other group.
    However, I also have to say that I’m also very disappointed to hear, what I would have assumed to be, a compassionate group of people say that they relish in abusing animals just to get back at PETA for abusing women.
    It’s times like this that people in general really let me down.

  • Danyell

    RootedWillow- the reason that no one cares about neutering pigeons and rats is because if most people caught one, they’d rather just kill it than give it surgery and release it. I recently had a rat in my apartment and spent a lot of time getting rid of it humanely. I think glue traps are one of the most evil animal-related things anyone has ever invented. I wish people did care about animals that they found unsavory, because they’re not trying to do harm. It’s because people moved in and took all the land- where are the animals supposed to go? A deer enters your backyard because it used to be the woods.
    So, I love dogs and cats, but only believe in rescuing them to own. I don’t believe in forced breeding. Nor do I think it’s responsible to let your un-neutered cat outdoors every night so that he can knock up every stray in the neighborhood where they have limited access to food or adequate shelter. (This happens in my mom’s neighborhood all the time.) Is that right? A responsible pet owner spays/neuters his/her pet to protect the animal, plus prevent the possible suffering of any babies it might create that the pet owner can’t care for. If you’re going to personally raise any offspring, then fine. Otherwise, I like the way eco said it.
    Nebraska- I too, would like to see you post about Eco-feminism and the relationships between sexual politics & veg*nism.

  • geekgirl

    Whoo that totally rocks! Where are the men strippers? Oh wait there are none just the usual half naked(this time) virtual women.( I’m being really sarcastic here.) I don’t like PETA for the simple fact that there is only black and white reasoning in their world,there are no arguments. You either go all the way or you’re an animal hater. They sent me literature once for my son and let’s just say thank god he couldn’t read at that age. I sent this email: What does virtual stripping have to do with animal rights? In fact what does getting naked have to do with animal rights at all? You talk about abuses perpetuated against animals. Yet you seem to have no problem perpetuating sexism, which is a form of abuse. Your getting women half naked/ naked for animals shtick is getting really old. If you want to be taken seriously try not alienate those that might have been interested until they saw that crap.
    a clothed animal lover

  • barbdg

    I realize I’m posting this at a point when no one may read it, but I just had to point out that I got the EXACT reply danyell got. So I replied to their reply to see if I’d get their form letter again.
    I’m not a fan of PETA’s, am not a vegetarian or anything, though I go out of my way to not wear animal products, and I do support the ASPCA. But I’ve always found PETA’s way of doing things annoying, or irritating, and often offensive. I do love their justifications for their ads, and had fun replying.
    In any case, I just wanted to add my .02, and say hi as I’m new here, having joined just now so I could reply! Thanks, and later!

  • Goanna

    I got the exact same reply too.. and this was my response:
    Thank you for sending me the exact same response you send everybody else who complains.
    I am a sex-positive feminist who absolutely agrees when you say there’s nothing wrong about being naked. I’m no prude. What IS wrong is offering women’s body parts up as a “reward” to men. That is not being proud and seeing yourself as a whole woman, that is OBJECTIFICATION. There is a difference between being NAKED and being OBJECTIFIED. In this case she is being OBJECTIFIED. Just because somebody agrees to be objectified, that does not stop it from being objectification or a sexist act.
    Furthermore you completely did not address my point which is that aiming this kind of advertising to men is ridiculous given that women generally focus more on social causes AND generally have more buying power than men in family life and household purchasing decisions. It is not only sexist, it’s just not good marketing.
    You focus a lot of your reply on how censoring women is stopping them from succeeding. I absolutely agree. I do not believe women should be stopped from showing their bodies or feeling proud of their bodies. But I question if you would have done the same advertising ploys with larger-bodied women, or older women? No? Well there are plenty of women out there who are larger and/or older who want to use their bodies for your cause – so why are you censoring them? Having a larger, older lady in a bikini in a cage would certainly get a lot of media attention. As would a strip show by her.
    Instead, you choose generally white, young, thin women (like myself) to champion your cause. Not because it helps women, not because you’re against censorship, but because instead of standing up to a system which you are claiming to challenge, you just follow the same old chauvenist ideas on marketing and female objectification. It would be a much bolder step to champion your cause by making a stand, rather than just by following the same old patterns.
    Like I said before: just because it works, that doesn’t make it right. You stating statistics to me on how successful you are after using sexist ad campaigns does nothing to boost my support for you. If anything it just goes to show that you are as bad as McDonalds: doing unethical things because hey, it works for your organization! If I find that my company will save money by not offering any vegetarian alternatives at my company’s cafeteria, does that make it RIGHT for me to stop offering vegetarian alternatives? If KFC saves money by using battery hens instead of free-range, does that make it RIGHT to put those animals in that condition? If a sexist advertising campaign gets an organization more press, does that make it RIGHT to represent women as being worth nothing more than their bodies?
    The answer to all of the above is no. This is not about censorship, your organization’s response to my complaint is proof of that.
    Also, just because women who define themselves as feminist are involved in a project, that does not make it a feminist project.
    Anna McDougall