When you thought PETA couldn’t get worse.

I got 100 percent on the ABC Striptease Quiz!
That’s right. On the PETA website, a schoolgirl-outfitted woman strips herself down topless in undies as you answer the ABC Striptease Quiz on animal birth control. The intro says:

Hi, I’m Amber, and today, we’re going to be going over our ABCs. Here’s your first lesson: “ABC” stands for “animal birth control,” but it can also stand for “Amber’s bored with clothes” if you have the brainpower to answer these 10 quiz questions correctly.
There’s nothing that gets me hotter than an intelligent person who’s also compassionate, so let’s see if we can’t get me hot enough to remove a few pesky items of clothing–if you’re up to the challenge, that is …

As regular readers know, this is not the first of PETA’s offensive actions. But this is straight up soft porn for your ass. Contact PETA and let them know that their sexist (and recently racist) asshattery is severely played out.
h/t to all the readers who alerted us to this!

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