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The Olympics tries to verify athletes are “real women”

TweetThis story in the NYTimes definitely brings up some interesting debates in the gender and sports arena. Basically the Olympics has a shady history of trying to verify female athletes gender identity. This ranges from forcing the athletes to strip naked and inspected by judges to other varied tests including chromosomal typing and hormone testing. [...]
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Athens Boys Choir Afternoon Dance Break

TweetSince the theme of this afternoon’s posting seems to be gender (soon to come, a post about the olympic’s and gender verification) I thought I’d post this music video from Athens Boys Choir. He’s pretty fantastic and I think the video speaks for itself. I promise it will be stuck in your head. Warning: Not [...]
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Thai school provides bathroom for trans girls

TweetThe BBC reports that a school in Thailand is providing three bathrooms for students, one for boys, one for girls and one for “boys who want to be girls” (phrasing from the BBC). You can see a short video clip about it here. While I think it’s awesome that they are providing a space for [...]
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More Feminist News!

Tweet The math wars – Economic Woman: Allison at the fabulous blog Economic Woman takes an in-depth look at the recent study showing girls perform as well as boys in math. Girls=Boys in Math – The Onion: I couldn’t let you miss The Onion’s take as well. Recognising ‘gendercide’ – The Guardian: Heather McRobie proposes [...]
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American Apparel creates helpful soap “how-to”

TweetAmerican Apparel, who puts out some of the classiest ads around, is apparently now selling soap. And in case you’re not sure how to wash yourself, the site has an instructional video of a nekkid tousled hair lady to help you along. Blech. On the upside, at least this will encourage some hipsters to clean [...]
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