Random acts of feminism

Maria from Atlanta sent us this super cool picture. Love it. Make sure to email us with any random acts of feminism that you spot (or do!).

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  • uberhausfrau

    when i was in middle school, there was a team of high school students who painted the curbs yellow or red for no parking around town.
    it was always young women who worked that crew (i wanted to do it when i got older but ended up with the standard food service job) and they did a similar thing.
    this was the early 90s.

  • http://profoundsarcasm.blogspot.com profoundsarcasm

    Last month my friend was visiting and we happened upon “Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony Corner” in lower Manhattan. Best corner ever.

  • http://ojibwaymigisibineshii.blogspot.com/ Cecelia

    Love it!!!
    Those signs always make me made especially since there are more women in construction and utility jobs these days that perform work outdoors.

  • gopher

    YAY! I hate it when verbage is uded that always uses male as the default gender. Ie, postman, rather than the preferred postal person, or mail deliverer/employee.

  • Shae

    I did this in the basement of my grandma’s FANCY FANCY condo building (like, …the guy who owns HMV lives there…theres’s money and it’s fancy and I hate it) by parking my car in a way that the people at the security booth couldn’t see the sign. It was so fun! When I came downstairs with my grandparents they were saying “who would do that? that’s disgusting. vandal” and I just smiled smugly.
    but that picture is AMAZING. it’s visually appealing AND political (how often does that actually happen?)

  • I am the cisarchy

    Raaaaa I’m angry about language! I know how I’ll change it, I’ll vandalize private property! Maybe I should go around writing an all your stuff if I don’t agree with the gender?
    Being obnoxious is probably not going to help your cause.
    Also: how do you even know that there are any women working at the job? This whole thing reeks of infantile delusions!

  • Maggie Fox

    Being obnoxious is probably not going to help your cause.
    Right there you know this is someone who does not give a rat’s ass about “our” cause. Somehow I have a feeling this person does not give a rat’s ass about someone writing on a sign either.
    (Hint — this person doesn’t like feminists and is looking for an excuse to troll.)

  • collcoll

    Infantile delusions?? Seriously?
    Anyway, I worked road construction for 11 months. Doctored up my own “Women Working” sign and put it up whenever I was responsible for signage. I think it rocks pretty hard, if you ask me. :)

  • DevilLover

    More like random acts of sexism. I really don’t understand this reverse sexism mindset. You basically see something you find offensive, (the “Men Working” sign) so what do you do? You turn it into something another group would find offensive. It would of been much better if it was “Wo/Men Working” that way it would of shown the persons intent was for unity. Instead it merely perpetuates the idea that feminist hate men.

  • Maggie Fox

    Oh, please. It does not perpetuate the idea that feminists hate men, except for people whoalready assume that anyway. Clearly the purpose of this “random act of feminism” is to make people think about gender assumptions we take for granted.

  • Spottieottiedopalicious

    How is this not vandalism?

  • http://www.fortunecookiesinbed.blogspot.com roxie

    I took this photo (roxie’s my screen name), but I didn’t augment the sign. I think it’s pretty bad ass and drove past it several times before I parked and took the shot. I just couldn’t believe it!

  • gopher

    It is vandalous, but its not wrong. It was wrong to put that sign up the way it was before. It wouldtve happened otherwise.

  • gopher

    Wouldnt you think it was okay to “vandalize” the sign if it said, “White Men” working?” Instead you would write “Human” or whatever, to both correct the ignorance, and highlite the sexism. If its going to be in the public eye untouched saying “men” then it shouldnt be a problem if a smart feminist painted over it and wrote “women.” If single-sex fixation is accepted by mainstream society, then theyd have no problem with it being “wo-man.”

  • gopher

    oops, I meant,… “and highlite the racism”