Sexist Quote of the Day

brian sewell
By famous British art critic Brian Sewell:

“The art market is not sexist. . . The likes of Bridget Riley and Louise Bourgeois are of the second and third rank. There has never been a first-rank woman artist.
Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness. Women make up 50 per cent or more of classes at art school. Yet they fade away in their late 20s or 30s. Maybe it’s something to do with bearing children.” (Emphasis mine)

Um yeah. I guess we can’t surprised, since he’s compared women’s apparent incapacity to drive well with their artistry in the past.
I’d like to see him try to paint a fucking picture next to some great women artists of our time, like Frida Kahlo or Mary Cassatt. Anyone have favorite greats they’d like to share?
Thanks to Lynne for the link!

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  • Shaula Evans

    How about Emily Carr?
    If you don’t know Carr or work, do yourself a favour and check her out. She is not only a Canadian art icon but she was also a pioneer of her day and her work is remarkable. If it weren’t for the sexism of her contemporaries she would hold a rightful place in the Canadian Group of Seven as the eighth deserving member.
    As much as I like A.Y. Jackson or Tom Thomson, I’ll take Emily Carr any day.

  • baddesignhurts

    and let us not forget annie leibowitz.
    though this is a good article on women in design…

  • twincats

    Thank goodness for all of the Art History I was required to take as a Graphic Design major!
    One of my favorite paintings has always been “The Horse Fair” by Rosa Bonheur.
    I also love the work of Sonia Delaunay and Frida Khalo.
    Oh, and Judy Chicago RAWKS! (plus, I haven’t seen her name here yet.)

  • MariaB

    Allow me to reiterate lindabeth’s request for this asshat…and pass along the Nochlin essay for everyone else!
    (I teach the piece in several of my classes, so have a handy-dandy PDF on my teaching website. Required reading for EVERYONE, IMHO…but definitely for feminists who love art!)

  • megan s.

    reminds me of this poster by the guerrilla girls (who also happen to be awesome artists!)
    tilsa tsuchiya is an amaaazing latin american woman artist i haveta plug here. there are way too many goodies to list besides her though.

  • jessilikewhoa

    adrian piper, kiki smith, dame darcy, jessica abel, yoko ono, margaret keane, margaret kane, kim gordon, fafi, megan kelso, diane dimassa, cristy c. road, leela korman, phoebe gloeckner, the geurrilla girls, nicole j. georges, marjane satrapi, ariel schrag, ariel bordeaux, georgia okeefe, carolee schneeman, judy chicago, diane arbus, cindy sherman, roberta gregory, jenny lens, roberta bayley, annie liebowitz, lynda barry, tara mcpherson, friends of lulu, erika lopez, meret oppenheim…
    all the girls self publishing, making zines and comics, throwing up graffitti, filling up flicker, painting babies and flowers and stilllifes as hobbies. my mother.

  • Danyell

    Trying not to name any doubles:
    Lisa Yuskavage, Paula Rego, Berthe Morisot, Lee Krasner (married to Jackson Pollack), Elaine de Kooning (married to Willem d Kooning), Joan Mitchell, Janet Fish, Faith Ringgold, Olga Khokhlova, Françoise Gilot (both of whom were married to Picasso), Eva Hesse…
    You’ll notice that many of these great artists were married to men who were (or became) much more famous than them. Which is interesting because some art historians will tell you that some of these women were actually better than their husbands! (e.g. Many prefer the work of Lee Krasner to Jackson Pollock). Creative people tend to cling to each other, so that’s not surprising. But the fact that only the men go down in history and the women often ignored even when the rival each other is highly suspect. Wikipedia has a fairly decent resource on women artists:
    You can also look at my website…cuz I’m a female artist too! (:D

  • Buffy Y
  • Fleurcat

    The preposterous claim that there are no great women artists has been made ad nauseum. The question was definitively answered in 1979 by Germaine Greer in her brilliant book The Obstacle Race. (I understand that recent reprints do not due the art reproductions justice). My answer to this critic is: Read a book. You bore me with your stupidity. (I’ve tried being polite and tactful: I’m bored with that, too.)

  • sunzheng