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Express yourself! (With needles in your face)

TweetAny day that includes Sarah Haskins is a good day indeed. Tweet
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Men of the House: Sworn virgins in Albania

TweetThere’s a really interesting story in the New York Times about sworn virgins in Albania, a custom that’s said to have declined because of an increase in gender equality: The sworn virgin was born of social necessity in an agrarian region plagued by war and death. If the family patriarch died with no male heirs, [...]
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Stay classy, Bloggingheads!

TweetYou know, there is something simultaneously hilarious and disgusting about Blogginheads hosting Ann Althouse (of boob-shaming fame) and Robin Givhan (of WaPo’s cleavage coverage) in a clip called “Michelle Obama’s Arms.” It’s like they have no shame whatsoever. (And they really, really should.) If Bloggingheads is really supposed to be about making political discourse better [...]
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Trans Day of Action in NYC

Tweet When: Friday, June 27, 2008 – 3:00pmWhere: Starting rally at City Hall Park, Manhattan, NY Today is the Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice, which is organized by the TransJustice working group of the amazing Audre Lorde Project. So if you’re in the New York area, come out and march for [...]
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Terrorism, campaigning and cleavage

TweetOn Dennis Miller’s radio show Wednesday, McCain’s former top strategist Mike Murphy talks about current chief strategist Charlie Black’s recent slip that another terrorist attack would be “a big advantage” for their campaign. And what better way to lighten the conversation by joking about tits: Transcript: MILLER: Charlie Black, the aide decamp for McCain who [...]
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