So, ladies and gents, as you can see – the new site is live! A big thanks to Jen and Matt for all of their hard work…
Below is some info on the new site, how it works, and how you can get involved. There will probably still be some bugs that we have to work out over the next couple of days. If you’re having any problems please tell me in this thread. If you can’t comment, email here with the subject line “tech problem.”
Commenting/Posting to the Community Blog: Despite trying very hard and annoying the Movable Type people, it seems that there is no way for readers to post to the community blog unless they register directly with MT. For those of you with existing commenting accounts through TypeKey, that means that if you want to blog on the community page, you’re going to have to re-register (using a slightly different name) where it says “register” in the upper right hand corner of the site. I know that’s a total pain in the ass, and I’m sorry. The MT people tell us that the next upgrade they do of the software will make it possible for those with existing accounts to post, but they’re not sure when that will be. If you’re not interested in posting to the community site, or having a profile (check out mine for an example), you can simply keep your TypeKey profile and keep on commenting as you have been.
Feministing Community: We’ve been really psyched about the level of posts that have already been put up on the community site, and we’re looking forward to seeing more! For those of you who are posting, or who plan to, here’s the deal. Right now when you put a post up, it goes into moderation until we have a change to check it out and publish it. Once you put up several posts and we recognize your name (and that you’re not some anti-feminist wackadoo), we’ll make you a trusted poster – which means your stuff will automatically go up. And of course, if you’ve been posting often and we haven’t “trusted” you yet, feel free to email me to give me a heads up.
A lot of you have expressed concern about the sheer volume of content – how can you possibly keep up with all the community posts? Well, if you’d rather not read through them all, the most recommended posts will be highlighted on the front page of Feministing, as well as in the sidebar of the Community blog.
There are other ways to get involved in the Feministing community without posting. As you can see in our “Feministing As You Like It” sidebar section, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, find us on Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, or join our MeetUp Alliance.
Relaunched Newsletter: After a long hiatus, our e-newsletter will be back! For those of you who have signed up yet – we’re going to be posting what the new newsletter will look like on the blog today, so check it out. If you like it, please consider signing up!
I’m sure I’m missing something, so keep an eye on this post for updates. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new site and that it gives you all sorts of new ways to get involved. Thanks again to everyone for their patience and support as we worked on the community site. We’re so thrilled with the way it turned out (and the response we’ve gotten so far) – we hope you love it as much as we do…
UPDATE: There’s a little rebuilding problem, so please forgive if you don’t see your comments go up right away.

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  • Jessica


  • coreanna

    I can’t register for a new account! :(
    I keep getting this message:
    Movable Type
    An error occurred
    close Can’t call method “captcha_provider” on an undefined value at lib/MT/App.pm line 1569.
    I have no idea what this means. I’ve tried it a few times with a few different passwords and user names but nothing seems to be helping. I want a super cool profile like yours! lol I hope you can figure it out!

  • Jessica

    Coreanna (and anyone who is having this prob) – can you try deleting your cookies and trying again? Let me know what happens…sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Ariane

    I’m on my TypeKey account; I registered for a Moveable Type account as well.
    I can’t comment HERE on the Moveable Type account, and I cannot comment in the Community blog on the TypeKey account.
    Additionally, when clicking on the post title or “Continue reading (whatever the name of the article is)” in the Community blog, I just get sent back to the main page. If it helps, I’m using Opera 9.50 but the site does the same thing to me in Firefox 3.

  • Jessica

    Ariane, that one I’m not sure of. I’m sending to my web dude and will get back to you ASAP. I know that some stuff is still rebuilding, so some of it may be fixed automatically soon…

  • uplate6674

    Just a word about the “Credit Unions Work” ad on the main site. It covers the last few sentences of this post, and will not go away, even after it’s finished its spiel. There’s no X to close it in the upper-right-hand corner, just a “Replay” link at the bottom. I had to click onto the comments page (which was just barely possible, as it nearly covered the “Comments” link at the bottom of the post. I know feministing.com needs the ad revenue, but if the ads are obscuring the posts, it kind of defeats the purpose.

  • Kate

    I’m really excited for the new site!
    You may want to mention to people that they will have to update their RSS feed (or at least, I did — maybe thats just me?)

  • ellestar

    I’m having the same problem was Ariane. I registered with MT, set up a profile, but then when I was over here (rather than in the community) it says I’m not allowed to comment and that I have to sign out. It works with TK, but not with MT here for me.
    It would be a lot easier if we could just use one or the other and not have to keep switching on the same site.

  • Jessica

    Kate, you shouldn’t have to change your RSS feed – once the site finishes rebuilding, all will be good with that.
    Ellestar, you definitely shouldn’t have to switch. We’re looking into this now – one should work for both sites (no matter which one you choose). Sorry again for the trouble!

  • Jessica

    Also, the url will go back to being feministing.com shortly. :)

  • Rachel Setzer

    I just tried to write a blog post and was informed that I don’t have permission to do that. Also, IE keeps getting script errors and tells me that it can’t open the “Community” link and doesn’t want to try. I’m using IE 7-pro… maybe it’s anti-feminist? (lol)

  • Jessica

    Rachel, I’m all over that one. A lot of folks are having that permission prob and I think we may have figured it out. Give another try in the morning and let me know what happens?

  • Mina

    First, I really like having the individual page titles in the title part of the HTML. :) Before, when I wanted to bookmark more than one, I’d have to type in the titles myself so that they wouldn’t just look like
    in my browser’s bookmarks. Now, I can skip that extra step.
    Meanwhile, over on the Community blog, all the links that appear to be titles of posts (whether on the top of a post or in the “Recent Community Comments” section) or “Comments ([number)” turn out to be http://community.feministingcommunity.com/2008/06/# [some number] . I just got the “Community: June 2008 Archives” page whenever I tried to go to the page for an individual post and read the comments made about it. Even clicking the post titles on that page just went back to “Community: June 2008 Archives.”
    One last nitpicky note: will the site have a favicon again? I noticed that it used to have one but now just has the browser’s default where that used to be.

  • alicialynn

    This is possibly just something with my computer but the whole webpage is off center on my screen and half of the left column is being cut off, the adds, links, etc. Thanks!

  • alicialynn

    The whole page is off-centered on my screen to the left. Which means that about half of the left hand column is not showing up on my screen. Thanks for a great website!

  • denelian.livejournal.com

    i totally love the fact i can do the LJ sign-in, instead of TK (i hate TK)
    i agree with everyone who said the page is off-center. massively.

  • http://snowplow.org/martin Daniel Martin

    I’ll note that when I sign in using livejournal, I’m allowed to comment, but signing in through my Moveable type identity (username: fizbin_alt) leaves me unable to comment. (“You do not have permission to comment on this blog”)

  • Mina

    Wow, the problem with the Community post links was fixed fast! :D

  • Madelyn

    Whenever I try to go to http://www.feministingcommunity.com/community/ on IE7, the page loads seemingly completely, but then IE7 gets an error that says
    “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.feministingcommunity.com/community/.
    Operation aborted.”
    And I can’t do anything but click okay… then it takes me to the generic “This page cannot be displayed…” This also happened yesterday when I went to the read more link on the Health post by a male.

  • http://musingsonpeace.blogspot.com sbsanon

    What’s going on with the rss feed? I haven’t received anything in the feed since the new site went live yesterday (the last thing I got was “While you’re waiting…”).

  • CoreyRoe

    Madelyn, I’m having the same problem with the community page.