Weekly Feminist Reader

ICE raided a garment factory in Houston, and over 70 percent of those arrested were women.
The FDA chose not to approve Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, for women ages 27 to 45. This doesn’t mean women those ages can’t get it — it just means your insurance is not likely to cover it.
Megan McArdle says guns are a feminist issue. Jill at Feministe, Megan at Jezebel, and Dana at TAPPED tell her why she’s not quite right.
Read Renee over at Feministe on race and gender, and then check out Think Girl’s petition to stop the false race/gender divide.
A Southern Baptist scholar says domestic violence is a result of wives’ failure to submit to their husbands.
The Frisky weighs in on a modeling competition for women with disabilities.
Male members of Phoenix golf club are harassing those who protest the no-girls-allowed policy.
Actions and Events
The Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem is holding Rapathon 3: The Female Takeover. The Rapathon is a 24-hour cipher that features over 100 rappers who rhyme non stop with no vulgarities…. Our objective this time is to amass over 100 female MCs with hot lyrics, great energy, and stage presence… For more info, please contact Natassia Seward at 212-234-7171 or hiphopculturectr@aol.com

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