Anti-feminist Michelle Bernard explains ‘feminism’

Michelle Bernard, President and CEO of the Independent Women’s Forum (the anti-feminist organization we love to hate), is out promoting her book, Women’s Progress: How Women Are Wealthier, Healthier, and More Independent Than Ever Before. And boy oh boy is she fun to watch!
In the clip above, Bernard explains that she’s a “real” feminist – you know not like those nasty hairy man-hating kinds that want women to excel at the expense of men.
She also notes that women who call IWF anti-feminist just “think it’s cute to throw bombs.” I’d hardly say that calling IWF anti-feminist – an organization that exists to bash feminism and convince women that sexism is actually fantastic for them – is throwing bombs. It’s more like…lobbing marshmallows.
Just take this description of Bernard’s book:

Though many influential groups feed on the prevailing myth that women are oppressed, most women are healthier, wealthier, and better educated than ever before. Michelle Bernard, the president of the Independent Women s Forum, lays out the facts in a new book that will make life harder for radical feminism’s ideological hucksters.

Oh you caught us! We’re such hucksters…trying to peddle the myth of equality! For shame.
Some more undeniable proof that IWF could in no way, never ever, be an anti-feminist organization:

  • In a press release for a report IWF did on young women and sex, it states that by “pouring through women’s studies texts, [IWF VP Carrie] Lukas found feminist authorscriticizing the institution of marriage as repressive for women and uncovered essays glorifying promiscuity.” (Oh noes!)

So yeah, nothing anti-feminist or actively anti-woman about them. Nothing to see here!
Thanks to Bella for the heads up.

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