New study says “boy crisis” is a myth

aauwreport.jpgA new report (pictured at right) from the American Association of University Women says that the idea that there’s a “boy crisis” in U.S. education is a myth. (Cough, cough.)

The most important conclusion of “Where the Girls Are: The Facts About Gender Equity in Education” is that academic success is more closely associated with family income than with gender, its authors said.
“A lot of people think it is the boys that need the help,” co-author Christianne Corbett said. “The point of the report is to highlight the fact that that is not exclusively true. There is no crisis with boys. If there is a crisis, it is with African American and Hispanic students and low-income students, girls and boys.

Of course, the original media frenzy wasn’t exactly focused on kids of color, but instead featured magazine covers with sad looking white boys and complaints about young men having to deal with the horrors of a supposedly feminized education system. Let’s hope this report will set some of that straight, and put the educational focus where it really needs to be.

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