MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: “Is it time for Hillary to take a loss like a man?”


Thanks to Paul for the vid.

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  • Anonymiss

    I agree that it’s time for her to take an L, but like a man? Really? *Rolls eyes*
    These pundits have really got that Diarrhea of the Mouth disease.

  • blair

    I’d be willing to bet that if Clinton had dropped out of the race already the exact same pundits would be wondering why she couldn’t stick it out “like a man.”

  • emiana

    Yeah, just like Bush took his loss like a man!

  • spike the cat

    So what is losing like a man exactly?
    A post-soccer game bloody riot in the streets? Throwing yourself out the window like when the markets crashed? Invading yet another country against all better judgment?

  • No Drama

    No, she should continue to campaign. This keeps the media focus off McCain talking points, for one thing, and while it may look like a trial by fire the fact is, Obama’s doing just fine with all the scrutiny and pressure – right? Right. So trust that politicos as savvy as the Clintons know what the score is.

  • Robos A Go Go

    I can’t tell if she was just trying to engage in some wordplay without really thinking of the implications of the statement, or if it was more intentional than that.

  • LogrusZed

    You’re probably right about what pundits would do if she dropped out, but most “pundits” are insipid self promoters. The only agenda people in the media have, for the most part, is to convince the public to listen to whatever contrived “agenda” they came up with that afternoon.

  • Ben

    In response to Robos A Go Go, I think it was just some political wordplay and she didn’t really think about the implications of it.
    On the whole, it’s a pretty ridiculous statement. However, I’m more concerned with the quote they had that referred to having a female presidential candidate as a novelty. I’m an Obama supporter personally because I agree with his policies more than Clinton’s, but she was a very viable candidate in her own right. She had some really good policy proposals and would make a fine president. No matter who does get the nomination, and it’s looking more and more like it’s going to be Obama, I’ll feel good about casting a vote for the democratic candidate.
    As far as her dropping out of the race is concerned, I think that with the financial problems her campaign is facing and the way the polls and superdelegates are going, it is very reasonable to say that her campaign is coming to a close. However, she is not giving into the pressure to quit. She is setting things up so she can drop out of the race on her own terms. And that is the by far the best way for her to go. How’s that for taking it “like a man?”

  • Cola

    I get so tired of calls for her to drop out. It’s only because the primary has gone on so long that so many people feel so involved and passionate about November. If Obama had had no reason to come to Oregon, I can think of at least twenty people I’ve met in person who would still be assuming they were choosing the lesser of two evils come November. This primary has gotten people involved and countless new voters registered.
    But no, Hillary is evil and selfish. She needs to GTFO so Obama can “focus on McCain…”
    Whatever that means.

  • LittlePunk

    So…confused… mixed…messages. Is she TOO manly? Like, she doesn’t wear skirts, and the media’s all like OMFG manly. Is she TOO GIRLY? Like, OMFG she totally BROKE INTO HYSTERICAL TEARS. No wait, but she’s too cold and calculating! She’s not being feminine enough! But she needs to take a loss like a man! Systems… overriding… hypocritical syntax error… shutting down… “Daisy, daisy…”

  • invisible_hand

    what a douche.
    as a huge obama supporter, i wish people would shut the fuck up already.
    we need to expunge this nonsense from our discourse. sheesh.

  • GopherII

    Wasn’t it a man who had a recount of ballots for the 2000 presidential term?
    What I also hated about this message….
    “To pack it in are heartening evidence that the novelty has worn off: the female candidate is like all other candidates. This is what equality looks like — life as an equal-opportunity dispenser of disappointments.”
    is because its absolutely disgusting that he would even have to identify her as the ‘female’ candidate. Why would he also feel the need to tell her patronizingly that life is full of disappointments. I dont think they wouldve pasted the same comment on their network if it said, “the novelty has worn off: the black candidate is like all other candidates…” I guess to these dipshits a woman running for president is simply a novelty?
    BTW I was totally for Gore, but was too young to cast a vote.

  • Kamacys

    Little Punk: Your “2001” reference is effing hilarious.

  • The Law Fairy

    George Will is gross. The fact that he would take such a patronizing tone about Hillary *itself* demonstrates how far from equality we really are. Can you imagine Will taking that tone with, oh, say, Huckabee??

  • FeDhu

    I give major props to Hillary for confusing the everlasting f*** out of the media talking heads, as well as lots of other people. They can’t make up their minds what she is or how they should treat her, so they just come out looking like complete dimwits. I’ve had some real fun conversations with people who run themselves around in little circles when it comes to Hillary.
    On a personal level I simply cannot like Hillary, but I admire her guts and chutzpah for putting up with this crap for as long as she has. Despite what some ‘pundits’ say, I think her run will actually make it easier for women, not harder. She’s proven it’s possible and all we have to do is stand up.

  • rkstone

    Hillary Clinton just won Kentucky in a landslide. Clinton 65.5 to Obama 29.9.
    Landslide Victory!

  • rkstone

    The media, pundits, and Obama camp might want Clinton to lose like a man, but unfortunately for them, Hillary Clinton will win like a woman.

  • Robos A Go Go

    Was Race Important to You?
    Yes: 21%
    No: 77%
    If Yes, who did you vote for?
    Clinton: 81%
    Obama: 15%
    Landslide victory for racism!

  • Robos A Go Go

    Sorry, that really wasn’t fair to the 77% of Kentucky’s citizens who are not self-avowed racists, and certainly any men or women from Kentucky who read Feministing.

  • Mina

    “These pundits have really got that Diarrhea of the Mouth disease.”
    “This primary has gotten people involved and countless new voters registered.”
    OTOH, how many of the new registrations are voters who were already registered as Republicans re-registering as Democrats in order to vote against Obama in the primaries because they think he’s more likely to lose against McCain in November?

  • timothynakayama

    Spike the cat:
    “So what is losing like a man exactly?
    A post-soccer game bloody riot in the streets? Throwing yourself out the window like when the markets crashed? Invading yet another country against all better judgment?�
    None of those really.
    Losing like a man, in my own opinion – formed from my perception of popular culture, just means that the loser accepts defeat and not raise a fuss about it.
    For example, if two teams were playing a match of football (or known as soccer to Americans) and the side that lost then proceeded to make fits about how the referee was unfair, how the linesman was blind, how their opponents were using brute force and intent on injuring them rather than playing The game, then that would be an example of NOT losing like a man (ie, whingeing about it) . If the losing team congratulates the other team and releases the statement along the lines of “we played a great game but they were the better side and fully deserve the win�, then that would be an example of “losing like a man�.
    I could be wrong however, but this is my take on the phrase.

  • noname

    timothynakayama – I think the term implies a certain level of stoicism.

  • rkstone

    This was interesting to read. Just scroll down to the first comment on the page.
    It probably also corresponds to the women’s ski jumpers blog posted here.