Hundreds Thousands turn their back on Phyllis Schlafly

Washington University students and faculty turned their backs to Phyllis Schlafly, as a form of silent protest, as she received an honorary degree at the school’s commencement.

The crowd was mostly quiet as [Trustee emerita Margaret Bush] Wilson introduced Schlafly to the crowd. Hundreds of graduates and faculty stood and turned their backs during the introduction. A few of the faculty even walked off the stage to turn their backs.

Awesome! If anyone has pictures, please send them in!
The protesters, who Schlafly called “a bunch of losers” and “bitter women,” also started a website to tell the Washington University community how they could join in on the action.
Several days ago, Chancellor Mark Wrighton apologized for the “anguish” the decision to give Schlafly a degree caused, and noted that the school is not endorsing her views or opinions. (They’re just honoring them, is all.)
UPDATE: I’ve received an email from Michael Murphy of Washington University’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program – he tells me the article grossly underestimated the number of people protesting. He estimated that about 75 percent of the 2800 graduates and two-thirds of the other members of the crowd turned their backs in protest.
Here’s a partial video, and some pics.

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