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Fathers should not wax their daughters

TweetFathers should not wax their daughters. Anywhere. (An obvious sentiment if I ever saw one.) They also should not pimp their daughters. Apparently both of these clearcut parental boundaries are lost on this guy. Tweet
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Why I’m excited

TweetBecause this weekend, my friend Sara Bacon is coming over to install these awesome pieces: An investigation of boy doll accessories and An investigation of girl doll accessories. SO excited. Sara is probably my oldest friend (we chilled in diapers together), and I’m just amazed by her work and just generally proud to know her. [...]
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Aborting of female fetuses is a “national shame” in India.

TweetDespite an increase in education there doesn’t seem to be a change in the practice of aborting a fetus when you find out it is female. There is still “missing” baby girls in India due to the practice. The Indian PM has made a statement against this. via NYTimes. Describing the abortion of female fetuses [...]
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Fun with Feminist Flickr (awesome graffiti edition)

Tweet Pic from glans galore. Tweet
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The Sean Bell Verdict

TweetLast week, the three NYPD officers charged with murdering Sean Bell in 2006 were acquitted of all charges. I don’t have much more to say on the issue than has already been said, but I wanted to make sure this news was acknowledged here at Feministing. Ann has a post up about it at TAPPED, [...]
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