Anti-feminist mailbag (the missing 5% edition)

dunce.gifWe receive a lot of hate email here at Feministing, and this one was too good not to share.

Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts.

Apparently that extra five percent doesn’t help prevent run-on sentences. You would also think that those extra brain power percentage points would stop a dude from sending harassing emails from his school email address. Because then we wouldn’t know that our charming admirer is the public relations officer (yes, public relations) of the Southern Illinois University College Republicans, Alex Kochno. I think I’ll stick with my stupid cunt lady brain, thanks very much.

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  • Haubrich

    I assure you I will at least make the attempt to get him to apologize…As I just heard about this no more then half an hour ago it may take a bit…

  • TheSoyMilkConspiracy

    “But I was drunk!”
    Ah. Not only does it get you off the hook for rape*, but also hate speech.
    *”I was drunk” will only serve to alleviate the RAPIST of any responsibility and will have the opposite effect for the victim/survivor.

  • keri

    What an idiot. I *LOVE* anti-feminist mailbag. Please post more! :D
    I bet he only thinks of women as “stupid cunts” when he’s drunk, right?

  • Haubrich

    It’s my pleasure, not only my duty as a rep. for our organization, but a pleasure to combat such idiocy…

  • pixelgem

    Mr. Haubrich:
    An apology from Mr. Kochno would be nice, but I think additional action might be required. A few questions, some rhetorical, some not, each one building on the previous:
    1) Does Mr. Kochno feel this way about women only when he’s drunk?
    2) Does Mr. Kochno simply say things he doesn’t mean when he’s drunk?
    3) How often does Mr. Kochno get drunk and post hate mail from his school email address?
    4) With Mr. Kochno as a public relations officer for your organization, how do you think his email screed will affect your organization’s ability to work with SIU women in the future?

  • EcoChic

    Hi all-
    I received an email linking me to this site. I am not commenting here because of my role at SIUC but because I am acquainted with Mr. Kochno. Unfortunately, I know from first hand experience that his sexist and other -ist comments are not isolated to hate mail to feminist websites.
    We do have active feminists; I’m friends with members of a feminist sorority. I can put you in contact with them if you wish.
    I’d also just like everyone to know that Mr. Kochno’s behavior is neither commonplace nor acceptable at SIUC. Unfortunately, like most men that make sexist comments, he’s extremely hard to rationalize with and I’m waiting still waiting to see if efforts from others will ever materialize in a change in his behavior.
    PS) For those of you that have made comments about being proud/ashamed of IL, I’d just like to say he is not native to this state. ;)

  • janet

    I’m sure anyone who read “Stranger in a Strange Land” remembers the monkey house scene — a small monkey who is bullied finds another one to pick on. From his language, it’s obvious that Alex sees himself as “ignorant and stupid.” Maybe he’s been called that for most of his life. If he is lashing out at another population in order to make himself feel better, it does not make sense to continue to berate and irritate him, unless the goal is to push him out of the role of ignorant poster and into violence toward himself or others.
    What he did was not right and what he thinks is ignorant, but pushing someone who is in a position where his psyche has been damaged so much that hate is the easiest way to deal — that is how monsters, school masacres, and ‘isms are made.
    On the other side of the coin, since he was wrong, maybe he deserves being poked through facebook and emailed by strangers intent on getting even until he decides to kill himself or walk into his next class and mow down every female he sees.

  • jen

    disgusting!!!! i know i go to a university that is a little uptight about being PC, but someone needs to show this guy one of those corny videos about sexual harassment that we all watched in 5th grade…maybe it would be at enough of a low level for him to understand?
    my fiance is from chicago, and i feel bad that this guy besmirches the good name of that city

  • Haubrich

    1) He has shown some chauvinist tendencies, but nothing I could have estimated on the order of this. Perhaps that is just my perspective as a male which is obviously some what flawed in dealing with that. I don’t know.
    2) He has said some rather idiotic things when drunk which have been taken basically as harmless fun in a small circle of men. For instance, he gives my Jewish friend Joe a good deal of crap for his ethnic identity when he’s drunk. This does not seem to bother Joe, however.
    3) This is the first instance I’ve heard of him doing something like this.
    4) I will be pushing for his impeachment over this and I think the other officers will agree with me. And it obviously will hamper it unless we take decisive and genuine action.
    Do these answers suffice?

  • pixelgem

    Janet, from your comment it seems we should do nothing to combat outrageously misogynist behavior because the person might be psycho and kill people? I think Mr. Kochno should be sent to the infirmary at SIU and evaluated, because you could (Goddess forbid) be right about him, but I don’t think that should prevent people from speaking out.

  • MLEmac

    Thank you for signing up and commenting.
    May I suggest you try and convince Alex to take a women’s studies course next semester? And perhaps you might also start the discussion among the CR about how gender equality and conservativism are NOT opposing viewpoints, which I feel many people seem to believe.

  • pedgehog

    Janet – huh? If someone called you a stupid cunt to your face, would you say nothing out of the fear of them going psycho and shooting people, or would you speak up for yourself and let him know that treating women as lesser than men is not okay?

  • Haubrich

    That is not a bad idea. I will bring the question of gender equality and conservatism up at the next meeting. I will also suggest the course.

  • krissy

    PLEASE proofread your emails before you send them! Some of you who have copied your emails to Jon Bean and others here have spelling mistakes… and while we’re commenting on his lack of punctuation, we’re going to get it thrown right back at us if we can’t spell correctly!

  • e

    Thank you kindly, not only for coming here to let us know that you are addressing the issue, but also for sticking around to respond to our questions and concerns. I am especially pleased that some good may come out of this situation in the form of gender equality discussions within your organization. You have proven that we can not judge a group by the actions of one member. Keep up the good work.

  • elizabear

    I can see Mr. Kochno’s facebook page, and there is some deliciously offensive shit on there. I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble here if I copy and paste anything from it, so I won’t, momentarily…
    I guess we know he’s offensive…do we really need anything more?

  • Haubrich

    As I said, it is my pleasure, although I wish it could have been under decent circumstances. I thank you all for allowing me to field the issue on your fine site. Does anyone else have anything they would like to say before I head out? I will check back later tonight to see if I have missed anything. For now, I have some calls to make.
    Thank you again,
    -Wess A. Haubrich, Secretary, SIU-C College Republicans

  • pixelgem

    Haubrich, thank you for your answers. They suffice for now, and I do not envy the job you face over the next few days. I want to echo others’ thanks for coming here and posting with us.

  • Haubrich

    Neither do I.

  • elizabear

    Thank you, Haubrich.

  • Haubrich

    Neither do I. And thank you again for having me.

  • adminassistant

    Not a bad point, Janet.
    What sucks is exactly what pixelgem and pedgehog bring up- we shouldn’t be afraid to make an example of tangible sexism, but doesn’t that just reinforce the haters hate?

  • Heatherinspring

    If it counts, I vote Haubrich into Kochno’s PR position! He seems to have a much better grasp on how to string a sentence together. And of course, how to treat others with respect and civility.

  • marileec

    Haubrich: You handled this very well! A million kudos to you.

  • lizadilly

    LOL, Heathinspring — I second the motion.
    @ Janet – I see your point and it is an unfortunate truth that some people go off the deep end, but isn’t that just another way of making women responsible for the violence rendered against them?

  • Waterpixi

    What Janet brought up sounds familiar, “women to blame for violence against them?”
    I don’t understand why we should take responsibility for any of his irresponsibility. I’ll have to think about it more… but if he really is that unstable of a character, then what pixelgem said about seeking help.

  • Waterpixi

    What Janet brought up sounds familiar, “women to blame for violence against them?”
    I don’t understand why we should take responsibility for any of his irresponsibility. I’ll have to think about it more… but if he really is that unstable of a character, then what pixelgem said about seeking help.

  • ProFeministMale

    I just have one question – and trust me, I am laughing about Alex’s plight at the moment as well.
    But here’s my question: what does this accomplish, exactly? How will this change the Alex Kochnos of the world into allies? There’s nothing I love more than to see assholes like him in deep, deep shit, but I am troubled because this might just make assholes like him more hateful of our movement.
    Who will he take it out on? He’ll take it out on the women in his lives, and not us. So, rather than slamming and reaming this guy, we ought to be reaching out and try to educate him, at least that’s what I think.

  • lizadilly

    Can I also point out that ol’ Alex should be impeached just for the MySpace page alone. What a load of crap that thing is. Waxing patriotic about every citizen’s “dignity… regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin” — immediately followed by a giant “Politically Incorrect (And Proud of It)” logo.
    And listing “all books by Ann Coulter” — do they realize even conservative Republicans know she’s a joke and a liability (and a plaigarist)?

  • lizadilly

    @ ProFeministMale : I think when coming up against sexism, we have to be realistic about the return on our response. People who present sincere but mislead arguments against feminism, who show a respect for reason and a desire to be fair — they deserve a fair and rational response, and they can be turned into allies. The detractors who just want to harass, heckle, and humiliate are not fertile ground for any kind of intellectual investment.
    So while I don’t think we should be threatening him or going to cruel and unusual extremes, I don’t see any harm in giving him a ribbing back. The truth is he insulted ALL women, so we all have a right to defend ourselves and demand an apology. I think he’s getting off lucky because really only a very, very small fraction of the people he defamed will get a chance to call him on it.

  • june

    Someone who, at the age of at least 18, still thinks it’s fine to use phrases like “stupid cunts” and claim that men are “better” than women (it’s science!) are never, ever going to become “allies”. They don’t deserve respectful dialogue, they deserve to be called out and figuratively kicked in the junk.
    I’m not saying I didn’t have stupid ideas when I was in college, but I didn’t hold views that completely go against what I believe in now. And in general, people only get MORE conservative as they get older.

  • L-K

    But here’s my question: what does this accomplish, exactly? How will this change the Alex Kochnos of the world into allies?
    Not very action should be done in the name of alliance-building or with a “kumbayaâ€? sentiment. Some actions are done and should be done in the name of “you f*ck with us, and we’ll f*ck with you.” Some people are just assholes, and some refuse to change. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want them on my team and I will clearly let them know.
    Also, I feel that it’s not up to us to “show” and “exorcise” them of their dumbass behavior, because guess what, they probably already know it’s dumbass behavior in the first place. He felt that he was entitled to his position; he decided this when he sat down, typed out the message and clicked on the “send” button. He had plenty of time to think “why am I doing this? Why am I calling women ‘stupid cunts?’ Why am I doing this ‘anonymously’ (or so I thought) hidden behind my computer? Do I act out like this on a regular basis? Etc.” But he didn’t, so now he suffers the consequences. Maybe this way he learns; if not, then he gets a suckerpunch of humiliation, and that’s OK, too.
    We shouldn’t always play “nice,” because sometimes, a lot of times honestly, nice will get you nowhere fast.

  • ProFeministMale

    Liz – again, if feminism is about women’s lives, then I think we ought to stop in considering the lives of those who are close to him. He already hates feminism (and obviously women) as is. Is publicly calling him out, with the possibility of ruining his lives, really the best idea?
    I am not thinking about Alex (although there is something to be said for compassion), I am talking about potentially making this guy snap and how it will affect the lives of the women he knows. Feminism (for me, anyway – I don’t mean to generalize or tell you what feminism should be) is not about instant emotional satisfaction. Sometimes, it’s about questioning our own actions and how they affect women’s lives.

  • lizadilly

    I’m sorry I keep commenting — I just really want to knit a cap that says “Stupid Cunt Lady Brains” right on the front.

  • june

    So no asshole should ever be called out because it might, somewhere, hurt some woman? More than letting him get away with this kind of reprehensible behaviour already is? I’m sorry, I do not buy that. And I don’t think cretins like Alex Kochno have the balls to “snap” anyway. He’s obviously a pathetic little turd who’s only just brave enough to hurl dirty words from the (or so he thought) anonymity of the internet.

  • Peanutcat

    Heh. I live not far from SIU, and as a resident of the area, I was offended not only by the nature of the comment, but that it gives our area a bad name. So I sent an email to the ethics department to see if I’ll get a response.

  • MirandaJay

    Well, I SORT of agree with Janet except that he actively sought confrontation by emailing feministing.
    It’s not really as if Jessica plucked this guys ranting from facebook and myspace on her own and posted it here for people to have at him, he went to her.
    I do feel sorry for him though, his friends and people who know him in passing are commenting on here saying “yeah… he’s a sexist alright.” And an antisemitic, apparently?
    I would hope that the school asks him to get some counseling.

  • kcbgrl

    I agree with June, we’re doing more harm to women by keeping quiet about this guy’s opinions. We may never change him and his beliefs, but we can set an example – not only that these kind of comments are wrong, rude, hurtful, and disgustingly sexist, but we women are not going to tolerate it.

  • Jamie

    I really applaud Feministing for exposing Alex for the sexist asshole that he is. I think many of those who send hate mail do so under the impression that what they say in it has no consequences. Consequently, when they get away with sexist, racist and hateful speech they feel empowered; as though they have won and are justified in what they have said. While I think that Alex will probably always be a misogynist who thinks women are stupid cunts, at least now he will know that they are stupid cunts with the power and ability to make him really regret spewing such hateful nonsense. I think in these situations resistance is extremely important and that letters and emaitls should be sent to the proper authorities expressing dissent and calling attention to his inappropriate behavior.
    My only concern is that we react as immaturely as he as acted. There is a line between intelligent resistance and dissent and mindless harassment. I really think as a movement we are above obsessive poking on facebook or sending emails with no other purpose than to insult. We are smarter, more mature and more organized than him and chauvinists like him and it is crucial that we behave that way. We don’t want to undermine our cause by making it look childish.

  • sojourner

    “Who will he take it out on? He’ll take it out on the women in his lives, and not us.â€?
    I don’t know about that. That’s only assuming that the “women in his life� will just sit there and take it, or that there ARE any women in his life for that matter. If someone is a total misogynist jerk I’d say let’s everyone know that he is a total misogynist jerk. I’d say it actually benefits everyone including the women in his life to know to stay away form him (or if they don’t just dump him, then at list they will know what they are in for).
    PFM, so it generally your opinion that whenever someone is being an asshole, everyone should be nice to them, in case they might snap and hurt someone?

  • Ninapendamaishi

    “But here’s my question: what does this accomplish, exactly? How will this change the Alex Kochnos of the world into allies? There’s nothing I love more than to see assholes like him in deep, deep shit, but I am troubled because this might just make assholes like him more hateful of our movement. ”
    Well, I think we really shouldn’t assume we know what events will have what affect on him… We really don’t know what will or won’t make him hate women more.
    I can say that I’m someone who has been figuritively been kicked in the junk for disciplinary measures… Not hate speech or anything like that, mind you, but still actions that were probably detrimental to society overall.
    I mean sure, I wasn’t happy about the situation, and I didn’t feel friendly towards the people who busted me… But it /did/ help me realize that doing things just b/c I thought I could wasn’t such a great idea, and that if I wanted to succeed I was going to have to evaluate my own behavior a bit more critically and work on getting my act together… Ultimately, it /didn’t/ make me feel more justified in doing stupid things that came at some expense to other people (even if the affect on others was indirect).
    Just a thought…

  • cheekykitten

    The fun of a guy like Mr. Cock-No is that when his organization finally does impeach him, he’ll blame the man-hating feminists for getting him kicked out–not his own stupid behavior.

  • spaceninjamonkey

    Wow, this dude is going to be getting a million facebook messages and pokes. I sent him one, and even though he might enjoy it, who cares?
    He’s probably so full of himself that he’ll read all of them. And then maybe he’ll learn a thing or too.

  • Axiomatic

    As a student at SIUC, I want to say that A: we have a fully-staffed English department and that maybe Alex should check it out sometime, and B: This one particular boy does not in any way represent the majority of the students who go here. I feel his statements are such an enormous insult to the amazing people who get up every day and make this school a better place. We have a wonderful Women’s Studies department full of women who are dedicated to helping each student realize that they have much more potential than this inconsequential misogynist could ever dream of. I read his (I guess I could call them sentences?) to a class I’m taking about Ecofeminism and we were so appalled and angered that we’re writing a group letter to our campus newspaper as a response to his diatribe. Please remember, he is not a spokesperson for my school and for the people who work and learn there.

  • Jane

    His email address is

  • elena

    Jane, weren’t you the one who just said earlier that he might snap (or am I confusing you now)? If so, posting his email-address is maybe not the best idea. (even though I don’t agree with the he-might-snap-argument, I find this a little extreme! I think we’re already putting a whole lot of pressure on him without spamming his mailbox)
    Anyway, as for the he-might-snap-argument: has nobody ever considered that he might have “snapped” already and that just nobody knows of it?

  • AlaraJRogers

    The *exact* same studies that seem to indicate that more geniuses are men (not that men have 5% higher IQ’s than women for reasons I will explain) also indicate that more retarded people are men.
    In other words, the bell curve for men is flatter and longer. There are more men concentrated at the extremes — so more male geniuses, but also more male morons.
    And the average man vs. the average woman? Exactly the same. 100 IQ.
    This fellow does not appear to be one of the tiny number of male geniuses. Perhaps he’s one of the higher number of male retards.

  • Haubrich

    Hello all,
    I just wanted to preface this quickly by saying that Alex will be typing his apology now…I and our officers have convinced him to do so. The repercussions will still be there as I said earlier.

  • elcs22

    Hi all,
    I work at SIUC – here are some other contacts:
    President Glenn Poshard
    Associate Chancellor for Diversity (in charge of student development): Larry Dietz
    Daily Egyptian Newspaper (Campus Newspaper):
    I am appalled, but unfortunately not surprised. Being drunk is no excuse.

  • elena

    @Haubrich: That’s good to hear, thank you for the effort you put in, it’s really appreciated.