Quick Hit: Hey, Obama boys: Back off already!

Rebecca Traister at Salon takes on the sexism that has no name in the presidential elections in, “Hey, Obama boys: Back off already!” Here’s a teaser for you:

Yet some female voters have begun to express nearly as much disenchantment with the Obama-mania of their peers as with their Clinton-promoting mothers. And even while they voice dismay over the retro tone of the pro-Clinton feminist whine, a growing number of young women are struggling to describe a gut conviction that there is something dark and funky, and probably not so female-friendly, running below the frantic fanaticism of their Obama-loving compatriots.

Come back and let me know what you think in comments. (If I’m not quick to answer, it’s because I’m about to take Monty to the vet to get neutered. I’m nervous about it, but he had one last hurrah with his pillow last night so I don’t feel so bad.)

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