Weekly Feminist Reader

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Despite what the L.A. Times prints, it’s still a major problem on college campuses.
More colleges are assigning coed roommates.
Illinois considers tracking devices for people with restraining orders against them.
The Department of Justice’s inspector general is investigating whether a U.S. attorney was fired because she is a lesbian.
Weight discrimination hits women harder than men.
Minnesota considers comprehensive sex ed — ’cause, yeah, abstinence-only doesn’t work.
Some interesting linguistic history on how we talk about virginity.
Women fight back against poverty.
The Pentagon apparently has a problem with “transporting gay domestic partners.” WTF?
On rape as a weapon of war. (The Senate recently held its first-ever committee hearing on the subject.)
The Navy abruptly changed its policy to allow women to serve on submarines. (Ok, I was belatedly gotten by an April Fools joke. Sadly, the item about the Pentagon and gay partner travel is no joke.)
What have y’all been reading? What about actions/events coming up this week? Leave your links in comments…

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