Public Masturbation as Teachable Moment

So I was sitting with one of my favorite 18-year-old superstars a few days ago at Cosi near Union Square, chatting about life, WAM, sexual politics, college, social change, when all of the sudden this guy posted up outside on the street and started starring at us through the window. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so I just kept on talking with my mentee, and then he inched closer and I realized he was looking directly at our feet and rubbing his dick through the pocket of his jeans. Um, yes, he was masturbating to our feet. I got up and got a manager, at which point dude ran off.
This is the third time that I’ve been in a public place, minding my own business, and had a guy masturbate near me–the first time was when I was 16-years-old having a picnic in the park near my house, the second was at Smokin’ Grooves Tour in the late 90s (yes, I’m that old).
When I brought up this experience to friends, just about every one of them had a similar story, but we all realized there’s no real name for this kind of violation. It doesn’t even get brought up that much, it seems to me. So I’m reaching out to y’all and asking…does this shit happen to you? Do you think we should name it? Or does it already have a name that I don’t know about?
I know the Holla Back crew has created a great way to respond to being harrassed on the street, but this feels different, right?

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