Feminist activism is better than latte

latte.jpgThere’s something about feminist activism that wakes you the fuck up.
Last week, I was lucky enough to meet more feminists in a five day period than I probably have ever – it was incredible. After speaking at three colleges in the DC/Virginia area, I also went to the WAM conference. And athough I was exhausted from traveling and speaking, being around all of these amazing men and women committed to feminist activism and media really energized me. So I just wanted to say thanks.
Thanks to all of the feminists out there raising hell and making people remember that young women aren’t apathetic or apolitical. They’re not “going wild.”
Young women are active, engaged and fucking awesome. Like the women at Georgetown’s United Feminists who packed the room when I came to visit, despite the fact that it was their first event. Or Casey who I met at University of Mary Washington who makes a kick ass homemade feminist shirt (and was even kind enough to give me one!). Or the gals at Hollins University who created a feminist calendar to raise money for their Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance on campus.
And, of course, all of the bad-ass women at WAM – who not only put on some great panels, but also can dance like nobody’s business.
All of you ladies inspire me daily – so thank you.
(The post title is dedicated to Ms. Courtney Martin, who mocked me this weekend for being “bougie” after I said – sigh – that I’d kill for a latte. Okay, maybe it was deserving of some mocking.)

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