Stalking is SO soap opera drama.

A woman who filed a restraining order against former boyfriend and present Republican candidate was pressured by the Republican party to drop it.
Ali Hasan was in the midst of his campaign when Alison Miller and his relationship ended, after which, according to Miller, Hasan hired a company to hack into her email accounts to find out here whereabouts as well as harassed her. “He followed me to intimidate me and control how I handled the situation,” said Miller, also a Republican, stated in the court documents.
Chairman of the Eagle County Republican Party, Randy Milhoan, implied that the story was concocted as a campaign smear, which is also what the Hassans are claiming. “The whole thing is just crazy. You couldn’t have scripted a story more cleverly than this one,” says Milhoan. Hence the article title, “GOP candidate in a ‘crazy’ soap opera drama.”
Yeah, because stalking just seems just so outrageous! And a Republican woman to file a restraining order against her own kind?? Pshhh.
After Hasan hired Kobe Bryant’s law firm and local party officials began telling her she was “embarrassing the Republican party,” Miller decided not to move forward with a permanent restraining order. Criminal charges may still be filed by the district attorney.
Let’s all say it together now: Stalking is a very real and serious problem. To brush it off as some melodrama and shame a woman for trying to protect herself is what the Republican party of Eagle County should be embarrassed by.

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