Introducing the male chastity belt.

This is crazy.
The best part is this letter that comes with it, “Why chose chastity?” My favorite line, “Actually, it is not their fault, men constantly have their own biology bombarding them with a physical need for sexual release.” See, feminism is for men too.
I am hoping this is a joke.
UPDATE: Having read the fine print this device is intended for fantasy play. So if you want to fantasize being a repressed boy that must be controlled, this is for you. It says at the bottom of the first page, ” It must be understood that some acts discussed or depicted on the ExoBelt website on in email correspondence may be medically unsafe or harmful and that the description and discussion of and such act(s) is intended as purely anecdotal or “fantasy” material. You choose to engage in any such act(s), discussed or depicted, entirely at your own risk.”
Men get to fantasize about having their sexuality controlled, while everyone tries to control a woman’s. Funny, innit.

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