Saudi women’s activist defies driving ban

Wajeha Al-Huwaider, a women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia marked International Women’s Day this past weekend by defying the ban on women driving. Bad. Ass.

Sorry I couldn’t find a video with English subtitles, but there is some translation of what she’s saying here.

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  • justin

    Hi from Korea. It’s Justin.
    So, I had bought FFF about a year ago, and read half and then lost it within my dad’s messy place. I almost bought another, but then I found it and brought it with me for my 15 hour (ahhhh) flight. And I finished it on the plane. (Great, by the way, but you knew that).
    Anyway, we had orientation for a week, where we met about 200 teachers before we were sent off around the country. And one of those days, we went to a Korean folk village etc etc and we were looking at some exhibit, and some young fellow teacher mentioned hating the patriarchy. So of course I had to say hi.
    Anyway, Ellen, which is her name, is a very cool young woman (well, she’s older than I am, but she’s not old) is working about an hour from me, and instead of teaching low-level students basic conversational English (like me and most people here), she’s actually teaching fluent kids ethics, and history, and, yes, gender studies.
    Semi-long story semi-short, she had seen my copy of your book during orientation and read the beginning, which she liked (I was going to let her have it since I was done, but, miscommunication), and now that she realizes she has to teach gender studies, she’s asked to borrow my copy to use as a discussion point.
    Which is to say you will now be influencing Korean high schoolers now.
    Kicking ass all over the planet without even having to try.
    Thought you should know.
    (And yes, this is Bad Ass.)

  • Destra

    She’s not actually defying the ban if she has a license to drive in rural parts of the country. That’s a bit misleading for the headline.
    A link to the video with dubbing:

  • Nadia

    I don’t think they’re technically allowed to drive anywhere in Saudi, you can just get away with it in the rural areas.

  • Benquo

    Great! I hope we see lots more like her, and soon.