The Washington Post: Bitches ain’t shit

stupidwomen.jpgWho knew that all it takes to get published in The Washington Post is penning a piece on how stupid women are?
Charlotte Allen – a professional woman-hating hack from the Independent Women’s Forum who has also oh-so-bravely attacked transgender rights, said that the answer to women’s potential financial woes is marriage, and suggested that Hurricane Katrina might have been “the best thing” to happen to New Orleans which is full of “whiners…chisel[ing] us taxpayers” out of money – has outdone herself in an article that is all about what dumb fucks women are.

I…wonder whether women — I should say, “we women,” of course — aren’t the weaker sex after all. Or even the stupid sex, our brains permanently occluded by random emotions, psychosomatic flailings and distraction by the superficial. Women “are only children of a larger growth,” wrote the 18th-century Earl of Chesterfield. Could he have been right?

Lest Allen seem like she’s just spouting misogyny for a patriarchal head-pat and a paycheck, she offers super compelling evidence that other women also find women stupid:

I’m not the only woman who’s dumbfounded (as it were) by our sex, or rather, as we prefer to put it, by other members of our sex besides us. It’s a frequent topic of lunch, phone and water-cooler conversations; even some feminists can’t believe that there’s this thing called “The Oprah Winfrey Show” or that Celine Dion actually sells CDs. A female friend of mine plans to write a horror novel titled “Office of Women,” in which nothing ever gets done and everyone spends the day talking about Botox.

“Some” feminists! “Other” women! Her reporting skills astound. Though it isn’t hard to believe that when one works at an organization whose sole purpose is to convince women that sexism is actually fabulous, that water-cooler talk would consist of chatter about how vaginas are really just brain cell black holes.
But of course, Allen includes herself in this dumb-off, presumably to garner even more credibility with misogynists.

I am perfectly willing to admit that I myself am a classic case of female mental deficiencies. I can’t add 2 and 2 (well, I can, but then what?). I don’t even know how many pairs of shoes I own.

I could go on and on, because Allen certainly does provide ample fodder for fisking, but there’s no real point. Professional anti-feminists make too much bank to ever stop writing sexist drivel. The Washington Post, however – who claims to be so concerned about how to appeal to women that it convened a task force on the subject – should know better.
Tell WaPo how you feel about the paper calling half their readership dumb-asses. Write a letter to the editor or complain to the ombudsman.
(On a more personal note, Allen has also written about how much she loves, the Feministing parody site started by men’s rights activists who also own an “Ameriskanks suck” page. It seems Allen is willing to align herself with anyone who hates women. Charming.)
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