The Pink Police Girl Power Commandos

Now, I’m all for a police unit that’s focused on violence against women, but this article is a bit silly:

They are woman commandos. Hear them roar anytime now against abusive spouses, hostage-takers and other threats to the safety of both men and women, young and old.

An all-female police unit has been created in the Philippines to specifically combat intimate partner violence and violence against children. Which would be great, if it wasn’t inexplicably dipped in sugar and spice.
President Gloria Arroyo initiated this all-female unit (perhaps in response to her crappy record addressing human and women’s rights in her country), saying in a speech, “We want to show that police girl power is not limited only to sisterly counseling. It also packs a mean punch.â€?She also ordered all the station desks to be painted in pastel “feminine” colors. What’s next?
On a more serious note, what do y’all think of an all-women police unit focused on violence against women and children? It was fairly successful in Liberia, where an all-female UN peacekeeping force was dispatched (in part due to past sexual assault allegations against peacekeepers).
Thanks to syndicalist702 for the link.

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