“Gray rape” myth reaches college media

The Campus Word, an online college media network, has an article up titled, “The Blurry Line Between Sex and Rape,” which talks about a recent sexual assault incident at Boston University and how “for the most part, these kinds of cases with outsiders coming into random dorms, are not the kind of sexual assault/rape incidents that most girls should be worried about. The ones that are most prevalent are normally situations that we can prevent right from the get-go.” The author continues:

Let me paint you another picture. At a frat party, there is a girl scantily clad in a mini skirt (so short, by the way, you can almost see the bottom of her ass), and a tank top with a plunging neckline. She is downing, and subsequently refilling her solow cup of jungle juice. She then picks out a brother who she wants to be her so-called “project� of the night. . .he asks if she wants to “you know� and she says “yes.� After he has successfully found and put on a condom he climbs on top of her and the right when he is at the cusp, she changes her mind and says drunkenly “actually…� But being so caught up in the moment, he disregards this as momentary insanity on her part and enters her anyway. Who is really to blame in this situation? Yes, the guy should have stopped when she said no, but didn’t she vehemently send the message that sex was what she wanted? I mean, she even showed up to the party looking like pure sex, so who is really at fault?(Emphasis mine)

This is what happens when you make a bullshit “gray area” between rape and sex. This is what happens when a leading women’s magazine perpetuates these myths. “She was asking for it” stories are now being published in college media forums, not to mention the assertion that men can’t control their “urges.” What will happen is that rape on campuses will not only continue, but will now be condoned. And the author of the article is a young college woman; why are young women buying into the myth? Is it because they don’t want to think it could happen to them?
Please go to the article and write in comments to make it clear to these people that there is no such thing as “gray rape.”
Thanks to Andi for the link.

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