Friday WTF

Just… wow.

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  • iheartben

    hehe. I watched this yesterday. Regardless of how I feel about Ann Coulter… her reasoning basically sums up most of the reasons I absolutely do not want Hillary as the Democratic candidate. That and she’s received more money from arms dealers than any candidate, republican or democrat (according to alternet). Creepy. I don’t care how much I’d love to see a woman president in this country, I don’t want it to be her.

  • incitewxriot

    My husband is at a loss for words. And I’m not doing much better. lol.

  • Allytude

    …and people take that lady who was spewing out this stuff seriously?
    She just talks( forgetting the adage”:wise folk speak when they have something to say,fools say something”) and everyone listens to her….

  • Ayla

    It drives me crazy when people on those shows just talk over each other over and over again. Not to mention that Ann’s voice alone is enough to make my ears bleed.

  • Gretchen

    That was really weird.
    I have to say that I kinda like Hillary being tough. I think she would make a better commander in chief than Barak, if you are going to look at the presidency that way.
    Honestly, I really like McCain, and would love to see him win the primaries. THAT would be a race! Either HRC or Obama running against McCain would mean that I actually respect BOTH candidates! They wouldn’t be just a couple of douches that make me start looking at third party candidates to vote for. I’d probably get off my ass and volunteer or something!
    I LOVE this election cycle!

  • zoelawgirl

    WHY DOES ANYONE STILL CARE WHAT ANN COULTER THINKS? she is an obnoxious troublemaker who should be marginalized as the sexist racist homophobic bigot she is.

  • carolina girl

    I saw this earlier today on (hangs head in shame) a celebrity gossip site. All I can wonder is if she is trying to take votes away from Clinton since she feels no self-respecting Democrat could allow her/himself to agree with Ann Coulter under any circumstances. Even odder though is that she’s right. Hillary Clinton is a good Republican, which is one of the reasons why I did not vote for her when we had our primary last week, and I would like Obama to win the party nod (with Edwards on board somewhere, maybe AG).

  • NekkidNancy

    Oh, Ann. You are such a crazy ass.

  • the15th

    I guess she wasn’t listening when Hillary was talking about health care last night.
    If Hillary is the nominee, I really, really hope that this idea that she is indistinguishable from a Republican doesn’t catch on. Remember 2000? Remember Billionaires for Bush or Gore? (How that organization has the nerve to still exist and just drop the “or Gore” from its name eludes me.)

  • Becca

    What zoelawgirl said.
    Also, the horror of progressive blogs when she’s mentioned and we get to learn just how misogynistic the commenters are.

  • Andrew

    Isn’t this more Fox’s anti-Obama stance more than anything to do with Hilary?
    They’ve been targeting him more than any other candidate, there is a good youtube vlog that can cover this better than I can. Basicly they claim to give full coverage of all speaches of this cycle, but cut off Obama’s speach at the ending.
    Full disclosure – the poster, “liberalviewer”, is a Barak Obama supporter, but is quite open about this.

  • FEMily!

    Does this mean Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are getting a divorce?

  • librarynoise

    It sounds like she’s mostly using Hillary as a way to rail against John McCain.
    Not to mention she’s completely batshit crazy, and I don’t for a second believe that she has ever “checked a record” in her life.

  • hellotampon

    I could barely understand what was going on because of all the interrupting. This is why I can’t watch any of these shows. They drive me insane.


    You do realize that she is just trying to throw both Hillary and John McCain under the bus at the same time. Anything more than that inference is ridiculous

  • JennD

    I can’t listen yet because my kids are still up [I'm trying to protect them from crap like this as long as I can. Hey, a gal can dream!]. Could someone share a summary please?

  • genteboa

    It’s brilliant! Check it out: high strung left-wing blond ogress cunningly infiltrates ultra-conservative medioid institutions by squawking insufferable nonsense for years, then at the most pivotal of moments, she slowly unveils her true identity, causing Republican heads to explode worldwide. The entire neocon establishment derails to the point of imminent self-destruction as decades worth of meticulous hoodwinking backfire in a conflagration born of four fleeting little words dropped from the heretofore horrifying maw of Ann “Whaththef*ck?!?!” Coulter: “I’d vote for Hillary…”
    I wish I’d thought of that…

  • Marshall Lucky

    I think the Republitards know McCain is going to get the nomination, but lose by a big margin to either Obama or Clinton while losing more seats in Congress. This way, when the voters tell the Right to buzz off, they can claim the voters only rejected McCain and not right-wing politics in general. In essence, it’s preemptive sour grapes combined with hot potato.

  • Kayt

    I believe that Shark-Fu the Wise refers to Coulter as the Queen of Rancidity, which is absolutely the best descriptive ever.
    I am ashamed to say that she is a graduate of my alma mater. Is there a way to un-alumna somebody?

  • jfaustus

    She scares me. Either she believes what she says, or she doesn’t and says it anyway to make money. Hard to decide which is more horrifying.

  • KatieKatyKaytee

    1) Someone was sharing their “Ann Coulter is an under-cover liberal” story with me last night. It *would* be a great idea…
    2)Kayt, I feel your pain! I go to the same school. She’s the pride of the College Republicans.
    3)Was anyone reading the scroll at the bottom? It was talking about David Hicks, the Aussie convicted at Guantanamo and it said that he was the only detainee convicted of terrorism charges. Does this mean that people have been convicted of other crimes, or that after 6 years of that hell hole being open, there’s been ONE conviction while everyone else suffers? Off topic…but important.
    4) Between Coulter and Fabio, Hillary’s got quite a line up behind her.

  • amanohyo

    As crazy and terrible as most of the things she says are, I continue to believe that she is and has always been compeletely insincere and profit driven. She just knows how to play the media better than Madonna. This is a brilliant move, it puts her in the spotlight and hurts both McCain and Clinton at the same time. It’s odd enough to spark some debate and broadens the market for her books a little bit. I can just imagine her thinking, “People are getting bored with my usual stuff… what is the most outrageous thing I can say that won’t completely alienate all of my adoring nutjob fans?”

  • adaerid

    *sigh* If only she really DID quit being a media figure and it wasn’t some hacker…many stupid people would be spared from her lies.

  • Ninapendamaishi

    Marshall Lucky,
    Much as I’d like to think you were right, most polls now show that if McCain ran against either Obama or Clinton, McCain would /win/ by about a 1-2% margin. Unfortunately, we may be looking at yet another Republican presidency, albeit a slightly less gruesome one…

  • Jane Minty

    I just want to breathe a sigh of relief after Tuesday that Romney isn’t the Republican nominee. After the past 8 years, the rest is gravy.

  • Liza

    Why are we still giving Ann Coulter the time of day?

  • A male

    I don’t like Coulter, but she may have a point about McCain. I recall last election, when some considered McCain a decent running mate on the Democratic ticket with Kerry.
    This is also on the record, from 2004 [quote]:
    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is launching perhaps his harshest attack yet on his own party and his gushiest praise of Democrats.
    “I believe my party has gone astray,” McCain said yesterday, singling out GOP stands on environmental issues and racial set-asides.
    “I think the Democratic Party is a fine party, and I have no problems with it, in their views and their philosophy,” he said. “But I also feel the Republican Party can be brought back to the principles I articulated before.”
    And he took another shot at President Bush. “You can’t fly in on an aircraft carrier and declare victory and have the deaths continue. You can’t do that.”
    Where did McCain make his remarks? As the Boston Herald reported today, at a “legislative seminar” hosted by U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan, D-Mass., who just happens to be one of the biggest Bush bashers in Congress.

  • Outta Jo

    This blew my mind. Ann Coulter never makes any sense – but this still caught me off guard.
    What’s her angle? Is it just her usual desperately-begging-for-attention or does she think she’s been sneaky and strategic in some way?
    Unfortunately, I think some crazy right-wingers value her opinion. Wonder what their thoughts are on this outburst.
    So odd…