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Iran bans feminist magazine

TweetSome bad news for feminists in Iran. Authorities have shut down the country’s top women’s magazine, Zanan. Managing director Shahla Sherkat was once a hardline supporter of the Iranian government but became disillusioned after the Iran-Iraq war. Zanan managed to survive previous crackdowns by cautiously avoiding general politics and focusing on women’s issues. But that [...]
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Breaking: Edwards dropping out of presidential race

TweetVia AP and CNN. According to CNN, he’ll be announcing it at 1pm (eastern) today, from New Orleans. Tweet
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Good and bad news out of Arizona

TweetNo misinformation in sex-ed classes in my state! Adding to her excellent record on reproductive health issues, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano recently turned down $1 million in federal funds for abstinence-only education. “While we all support abstinence-only and don’t believe, in particular, that teenagers should be engaged in sexual relationships of that sort, the fact [...]
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Quick Hit: Segregating Women to “Save” Them

TweetI have a guest post over at The Nation about the recent Mexico City decision to launch women-only buses. Check it out… Tweet
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Fun with Feminist Flickr (Madrid activism edition)

Tweet I’m told that the sign reads: “The fight will be feminist…or it won’t be.” (As in, we’ll fight as feminists or not at all.) Word. Pic from gaelx. Tweet
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