Feminist Election Surivival Tips: The Privileged Political Pundit Drinking Game

The ladies of Feministing cope with election coverage.
Brought to you by Ann and Jessica, who both wish they were drinking right now
Watching campaign coverage can be trying. Especially when the talking heads seem hell-bent on relying on racist and sexist sound-bites in lieu of substantive commentary. So to get your though the hard times, we proudly present ….
  • Drink anytime someone refers to Clinton’s teary moment in NH as “crying,” “sobbing,” “weepy,” or “contrived.”

  • Take a drink for every “magical negro” reference to Obama.
  • Take one drink anytime someone calls Clinton “shrill” or “screechy.”
  • Chug one whenever you hear of, see, or read Maureen Dowd. Always.
  • Two drinks anytime anyone expresses the sentiment that Edwards is at a disadvantage because he isn’t black or female.
  • Take a shot when a pundit refers to Clinton as (or implies she is) a nagging bitch or cackling witch.
  • Drink for any lamenting that white-dude voters are being ignored.
  • Take a healthy gulp every time someone describes Obama as “clean” or “articulate.”
  • Take two shots whenever someone implies that women only vote with their vaginas.
  • Warning: Do not watch Chris Matthews under any circumstances–doing so could induce alcohol poisoning.

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