Recycling sexist stories: Stay classy, media!

I’m sorry, but didn’t we cover this bullshit story already?
It seems that the Telegraph and the Daily Mail have regurgitated a story about “office piranhas”–women who only want good jobs so they can meet and marry rich men–that ran last year in the Financial Times in Germany.
From the FT story:

They are single women who, stuck in their search for a personal partner, are ready to give their all to a professional one. What they want is a high-earning, high-flying, high-virility man – and one who they can drag to the altar. Welcome to the world of the “office piranha”.

From the Telegraph:

A piranha will hang on for the kill and will rip any man to shreds,� said Miss Benussi, adding that she will look for “a high-earning, high-flying, high-virility man who will place a ring on their finger�.

And the Daily Mail:

The company is dealing with an increasing number of cases involving single women chasing the fathers of their children for financial support – and office parties offer the ideal environment to trigger such relationships…She said piranhas “want a highearning, high-flying, high-virility man” who will place a ring on their finger.

Way to be original. I guess if a misogynist media creation about a ruthless business woman out to steal your man doesn’t catch on, just wait a year and try it again.

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