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Katha Pollitt asks WTF is up at the New York Times.
What the word “Latina” means online.
Is the Pill going over-the-counter in the UK?
Yet another report confirms that even minimal sex ed is better than abstinence-only.
The man accused of slipping his girlfriend the abortion pill against her will has jumped bond.
Students protest the birth control price hike.
Police arrested two men in connection with the Albuquerque clinic arson. One of the men reportedly wanted to burn down the clinic because his girlfriend had scheduled an abortion there.
A woman is threatened with discharge from the Air Force for wearing her hair in cornrows.
Womens eNews counts down the top stories of the year.
There’s been a whole lot written about Juno and Jamie Lynn Spears, but I like Carol Joffe’s take.
Violet Blue has the top 10 sex memes of 2007.
RH Reality Check talks with Planned Parenthood about its list of the top women’s health stories of the past year.
Stay tuned, we’ll have our own 2007 wrap-up post tomorrow.
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