Feministing Gift Guide 2007!

The holidays are upon us, and even if you’re not celebrating anything at all–it’s fun to give gifts, especially when they’re super cool feminist ones! Here are some ideas we’ve put together; feel free to leave your own in comments.
For the ironic feminist
Sticks and Stones Clothing has shirts that make light of your typical anti-feminist insults–and reclaims them!
Speaking of reclaiming feminist stereotypes, what better way than to wear a bra-burning shirt?
And, of course, nothing says subversive like a our very own bird-flipping mudflap girl, available on shirts totes and mugs.
For the charitable feminist
There are a ton of organizations that you can donate in a friend’s name to; just a few of our favorites…
The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls , where you can rock out, donate and buy shirts.
Girls Write Now, which pairs up at-risk high school girls with professional writers to develop a mentor relationship for a school year.
Pretty Bird Woman House, a woman’s shelter on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in South Dakota needs to raise money in order to stay open: show them some holiday cheer!
If you want to give internationally, check out MADRE, which supports community-based women’s organizations worldwide and advocates for women’s rights as human rights.
For the horny feminist
Toys in Babeland always has a great selection of naughty holiday fun, including this schmancy spherical vibrator which both baffles and intrigues me.
On Our Backs is a fun read for the girl who likes girls, buy a subscription for someone you love (or lust)!
And don’t forget Feministing friend Rachel Kramer Bussel, who has a bevy of erotic books, from Crossdressing: Erotic Stories to Sex and Candy.
For the smarty-pants feminist
Not that buying vibrators and shirts aren’t smarty-pants, of course. But if you’re looking for some cool books, why not start by seeing what other Feministing readers like.
Or, if you’re more into the pictures, pick up Mikhaela Reid’s new cartoon collection. I have a copy and it’s bad-ass.
Oh, and here’s a list of my fave feminist books (just a few, I’ll be adding more tonight!).
And, naturally, don’t forget to support feminist magazines! Buy gift subscriptions to BUST, Bitch, make/shift, or ColorLines.
For all feminists
Okay, these are just things that I happen to think are cool–but I bet you will too!
Wanda Sykes’ DVD, Sick and Tired. Just…hilarious.
The Douche Card. Because when you’re a feminist, you know you’d like to hand these out daily.
Feminist Chicks Dig Me shirt. I’ve given one to a boyfriend and one to Colbert. I think Colbert appreciated it more.
Happy holidays, all!

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  • jenjennijennifer

    LOVE the bra burner shirt. Also check out the goodies on About-Face’s web site under Support Us. “Quit Playing Barbie” T-shirts anyone?
    About-Face equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image.

  • http://thecurvature.com Anonymous

    omg the douche cards. WANT.

  • http://www.rhrealitycheck.org Emily

    Thanks for this punchy guide! I think my fourteen-year-old sister is ready for a subscription to Bitch. If readers are interested in a gift guide specifically focused on reproductive and sexual health issues — we have one at RH Reality Check here.

  • Jessica

    Ugh, I meant to link to that, Emily–my bad!

  • Kmari1222

    douche cards are on my list… i could’ve used those a few times thats for damn sure…
    and I do like bitch magazine.. but I like Ms. a lot too. I sent an issue to my 14 y/o cousin.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theliterateloser Mike

    I’ve read bitch magazine but prefer Ms becuase it isn’t as underground as Bitch or “Colorlines” which I never heard of. I would want to buy the T-shirt, but I don’t know any feminsts or women for that matter who like me. I think there should be a “I heart feminists” shrit for all of those progressive men and women outhere.

  • Karen

    My understanding is that On Our Backs is defunct — I heard it last summer, and Bitch bids it farewell in the issue I received yesterday. Has it been revived?

  • rileystclair

    the douche cards = win
    i’m getting some for my friend.

  • Jessica

    karen, NOOOOOO! shit i’m going to check.

  • devine

    Thanks so much for putting MADRE’s on there..I don’t have enough money to buy gift for all my friend and decided instead of buying cheap crappy gifts I would give a sum of money to charity and then tell my friends that was thier present. Really when I think about it this is the season for giving!

  • alicepaul

    I’m not sure if “On Our Backs” still exists, but “Off Our Backs” certainly does, which I actually prefer!

  • alicepaul

    I’m not sure if “On Our Backs” still exists, but “Off Our Backs” certainly does, which I actually prefer!

  • Betsy

    It’s actually Pretty Bird Woman House, not Pretty Woman Bird House. That would be something different. :-) A hummingbird shelter featuring Julia Roberts?

  • http://aikenareaprogressive.blogspot.com Jovan1984

    I have another site that would be useful to you all:
    I also have a few suggestions of my own, but they are mainly confined to my local area.

  • http://feministstotherescue.blogspot.com FEMily!

    I used “Off Our Backs” so much for my social work and sociology papers in undergrad. So I guess instead of buying a subscription, I could use my alma mater’s library’s online database to read it . . . . But that’d make me mad cheap.
    Anyway, I bought a lot of fair trade stuff for friends and family this holiday. I made sure that at least one gift per family member/friend was fair trade. Here are a few fair trade sites:
    http://www.store.gxonlinestore.com (Global Exchange Online Store)

  • Liza

    I want a set of douche cards, but I’m concerned about how quickly I’d give them all away.

  • http://www.antigonemagazine.blogspot.com Amanda R

    FEMINIST T-SHIRTS! Aren’t they so cool!?
    I invite you all to take a look at ANTIGONE MAGAZINE’s extensive feminist shirt collection. There’s cool, they’re fun… and best yet, all our profits from them go directly to the Antigone Foundation.
    We work in Canada to get young women involved in politics and issues that affect them in society. We currently have a magazine that targets University aged women, and want to expand to have a publication that encourages young girls aged 10-15 to get involved in their communities and political lives.
    Help us! Look cool! Spread feminist Cheer!
    Here’s the link – go to our blog and click on the zazzle link!

  • Amanda Stein

    I love ANTIGONE’S shirts – so cool!!
    I’m humbly supplying the link to my own shop, featuring shirts I’ve designed. Good gifts for feminists under my Anti-Sexism, Feminism, Current Events, Fairy Tales, and Pirates categories. Check it out!!
    My shop also has a companion social blog I run (linked to off the shop). The topic of the moment is feminism; I have a survey on it up I’d love to get some folks here to take. :)

  • remarkiable

    I wanted to let everyone know that the link to the Pretty Bird Woman House (cited above) is an old charitable donations site that closed in May, after exceeding their goal.
    That money enabled them to keep their doors open, but they still need help. Here is a link to their new site, http://prettybirdwomanhouse.blogspot.com/ which is raising money for a new house and security system, to replace the former shelter which was recently vandalized and torched. They still are about 35% away from their goal, and the donations will conclude on Jan 31.
    If you haven’t already, check out the work they’re doing and take a look at some recently posted pictures of the house they’re bidding on. Thanks for drawing attention to the struggles of this shelter!

  • nerdalert

    I made a donation to Girls Write Now in my best friend’s name, and she loved it. Thanks for the suggestion!