Women having sex = “mental health crisis”

So long as there are people who want to think about what dirty, dirty whores today’s girls are, we’re going to continue to see misleading, stupid articles like this one, penned by Townhall columnist Kathleen Parker. The headline is about as predictable as a Lifetime movie title: Dying to date.

If you’re younger than 30 or maybe even 35, you may not recognize the word “date” as a verb. But once upon a time, dating was something men and women did as a prelude to marriage, which – hold on to your britches – was a prelude to sex.
By now everyone’s heard of the hook-up culture prevalent on college campuses and, increasingly, in high schools and even middle schools. Kids don’t date; they just do it (or something close to “it,” an activity that a recent president asserted was not actual sex), and then figure out what comes next. If anything.

Kids are fucking! Women are fucking! And they’re not even demanding flowers for it anymore!! Here we go again.
Parker says there is a “mental health crisis on American campuses.” Disease, thy name is fucking. To prove that young women are all going crazy with the cock, Parker quotes Miriam Grossman, yet another hack, I mean “expert,” on the supposed hook-up culture on campuses.

The consequences are worse for young women, says Grossman. In her psychiatric practice, she has come to believe that women suffer more from sexual hook-ups than men do and wonders whether the hormone oxytocin is a factor. Oxytocin is released during childbirth and nursing to stimulate milk production and promote maternal attachment. It is also released during sexual activity for both men and women, hence the nickname “love potion.”

Ah, oxytocin. The magical love drug that conservative wackos have been citing recently as the reason young women should wait till marriage for sex. Remember Eric Keroack–the abstinence only nut that the Bush administration appointed to oversee Title X funding? He made oxycotin famous among the anti-sex set by claiming that women “who have misused their sexual faculty and become bonded to multiple persons will diminish the power of oxytocin to maintain a permanent bond with an individual.â€? Too much sex, no more love!
But Parker has our number, I guess…

Feminists don’t much like the oxytocin factor, given the explicit suggestion that men and women might be physically and emotionally different. But wouldn’t a more truly feminist position seek to recognize those hormonal differences and promote protection for women from the kind of ignorance that causes them harm?

Yeah, because young women are ignorant of sex, emotions, and relationships. Thank goodness we have people like Parker, Grossman and (of course) Laura Sessions Stepp to set us straight about how whorishness breeds craziness!
Parker ends her panicked column by claiming that young women really do want a return to traditional romance:

At Duke University recently, Stepp asked how many in her audience of about 250 would like to bring back dating. Four out of every 5 raised their hands.

Um okay. But I hate to be the one to let Parker in on a little secret: You can still get HPV if he buys you dinner first. You know, cause “dating” doesn’t equal “not fucking.” In fact, I’d like to bring back dating. Cause if I had the choice between sex or sex AND dinner, I’ll go with the dinner option every time.
What she really should have asked was how many people would like to bring back their hymens…I’m betting she would have gotten a different answer.

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